The spectacular building on the Greenwich Peninsula is now known as The O2, which hosts a range of live events with great success. Architect’s Richard Rogers (now Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners) and engineers Buro Happold proposed the idea of covering the site with a large fabric dome. Home Planet. Press reports suggested that Blair personally placed a high priority on making the Dome a success.

The Dome opened its doors to the public on 1 January 2000, it closed on 31 December 2000. About 6 and a half million people visited the Exhibition, which was only half the number its owners hoped for. There are in fact two layers of fabric, in order to provide some insulation between the inside and outside and to reduce the likelihood of condensation.

Journey. In 2005, when work began for the redevelopment of the Dome, the London Arena hosted the event again. Among the first artists to perform there were Bon Jovi and Prince. 19 June 1996 : Greenwich Peninsula site selected over Birmingham by the Millennium Commission. There were difficulties issuing invitations, and then there were insufficient security gates resulting in long queues to get in.

This platform helps you earn rewards by inviting your friends to shop with you, and we love it! Despite the ongoing debate about the dome's future use, the dome opened again during December 2003 for the Winter Wonderland 2003 experience.

Press coverage of the Dome also impacted on visitor numbers. Fisher Athletic were a local team interested in moving to the Dome, however they were considered to have too small a fan base to make this feasible. During the political controversy surrounding the dome in 1996 Wonderbra ran an advertising campaign with the slogan 'Not all domes lack public support'. Inside the Dome there was a play area named Timekeepers of the Millennium (featuring the characters Coggsley and Sprinx), The Millennium Coin Minting Press in association with the Royal Mint, the 1951 Festival of Britain Bus, and the Millennium Jewels (focus of the failed Millennium Diamond heist).
Externally it appears as a large white marquee with twelve 100 m-high yellow support towers, one for each month of the year, or each hour of the clock face, representing the role played by Greenwich Mean Time. The Dome was featured in the pre-title sequence of the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, and in the video game of the same name, made by Electronic Arts. The show, performed 999 times during the year of operation, was composed by Peter Gabriel, with staging by Mark Fisher, and performed by an acrobatic cast of 160 who were trained from scratch and went on to form the basis of the Generating Company, an international touring circus company. As a mark for the beginning of the new Millennium, the Dome was intended as a celebratory, iconic, non-hierarchical structure to celebrate this temporal landmark. Throughout the year, the specially-commissioned film Blackadder: Back & Forth was shown in Skyscape (a separate cinema on the site sponsored by Sky Television plc). Job Sheets

Now the Dome is renamed and repurposed, but still attracts interest in its original form. Report from The Carbon Project reveals shortcomings and recommendations. Unlike the press, visitor feedback was extremely positive. 1 Questions & Answers Place. The green light and foundations for this project were provided by the previous Conservative government. It was finished in 1999, so it was ready for The Millenium. For RSHP, the project was a resounding success; the building itself was remarkably inexpensive (£43 million for groundworks, perimeter wall, masts, cable net structure and the roof fabric – or seven per cent of the total project cost) and the practice devised a non-adversarial procurement route involving standardized components that delivered the building within fifteen months and under budget.Designed in association with engineers Buro Happold, the key objectives were lightness, economy and speed of construction. 26 July 2000 : Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee publishes adverse report on Dome's management. The incoming Labour government elected in 1997 under Tony Blair, greatly expanded the size, scope and funding of the project. 10 January 1998 : Creative director Stephen Bayley quits the project. Externally it appears as a large white marquee with twelve 100 m-high yellow support towers, one for each month of the year, or each hour of the clock face, representing the role played by Greenwich Mean Time. We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. During the millennium year, the Dome contained a number of exhibitions or ‘zones’. Rain water from the Dome roof was collected, filtered through reed beds in the landscape and used to flush the toilets., Body, sponsored by Boots, supported by L'Oréal and Roche (Branson Coates Architecture), Mind, sponsored by BAE Systems and Marconi (Office of Zaha Hadid), Faith (Eva Jiricna Architects with Jasper Jacobs Associates), Self Portrait, sponsored by Marks & Spencer (Caribiner with Lorenzo Apicella at Pentagram), sculpture design by Gerald Scarfe, Talk, sponsored by BT Group (Imagination Group), Money, sponsored by the City of London (Caribiner with Bob Baxter at Amalgam), Journey, sponsored by Ford Motor Company (Imagination Group), Shared Ground, sponsored by Camelot Group plc (WORK), Home Planet, sponsored by British Airways and BAA plc (Park Avenue Productions). At 320m in diameter, the dome is the largest single enclosed space in the world.

Two books about the attempted robbery of the De Beers diamonds from the Dome were published in 2004:Diamond Geezers - The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium (. Self Portrait. The structure is the largest of its type in the world. The Dome attracted intense media coverage and generated more political and public debate than any other British building of the last 100 years. No. In plan view it is circular, 365 m (one metre for each day in a standard year) in diameter. Survey and plan before creating an O&M programme. The Dome is firmly rooted in the early work of the Practice, in particular the Fleetguard Factory (Brittany, 1979), the INMOS Microprocessor Factory (Newport, 1987), the Dome in the Royal Docks masterplan (London, 1986) and the Massy Autosalon (Massy, 1987) – all of which are assisted span structures. Following closure of the Dome, some Zones were dismantled by the sponsoring organisations, but much of the content was auctioned. To distract a fearful public from the impending doom of the Millennium Bug, the Labour government invested hundreds of millions into building this beacon of hope for the future. Numerous changes at management and Board level, before and during the exhibition, had only limited, if any, results. Find answers now! That is if Google searches are anything to go by, which is why we have dug out the information below. For RRP, the project was a resounding success – the building itself was remarkably inexpensive (£43 million for groundworks, perimeter wall, masts, cable-net structure and the roof fabric) and the Practice devised a non-adversarial procurement route involving standardised components that delivered the building within fifteen months and under budget. Businesses are exploring their options for interruptions due to COVID-19. The post-exhibition plan had been to convert The Dome into a football stadium which would last for 25 years: Charlton Athletic at one point considered a possible move but instead chose to redevelop their own stadium.

Campaigning to change perceptions about American Brutalism. A surplus of £25 million over costs meant that the full lottery grant was not required. This too is seen as disorderly, opening 14 months late and with station facilities not yet complete (e.g. It is featured in the title sequence of the popular soap opera EastEnders. Quantum Cloud. In the words of BBC correspondent Robert Orchard, "the Dome was to be highlighted as a glittering New Labour achievement in the next election manifesto". It was serviced instead by a new Jubilee line station, bus services and river ferries. However, being the site of a former gasworks and being very exposed, the Greenwich site brought with it its own problems. Although a high-profile project in its own right, the building also formed a key element of the masterplan by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) for the future development of the entire of London’s Greenwich Peninsula. It includes a large cut out section that accommodates a ventilation shaft from the Blackwall Tunnel. 1994: John Major's Tory government first considered building an enormous dome to mark the new millennium. The Dome formed part of a ‘watercycle’. The Dome project was conceived, originally on a somewhat smaller scale, under John Major's Conservative government, as a Festival of Britain or World's Fair-type showcase to celebrate the third millennium. The Dome is neither a true dome, nor a conventional fabric structure, it is a cable net structure, clad with flat fabric panels. Designed by. 1995: A … Its exterior is reminiscent of the Dome of …

latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, The O2 to bring back concerts in December with just 4,700 seats instead of 20,000. Close. Designed by Imagination.
19 June 1997 : New Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Greenwich to announce that the Millennium Dome has been saved - on his personal say-so. There were a number of other attractions both in and outside of The Dome.

The Millennium Dome couldn’t have had a worse reception if you’d worked hard to deliberately upset everybody. Evacuation chairs can help to assist people with limited mobility. For more information about the redeveloped Dome site, see The O2. During 2000 the organisers repeatedly asked for, and received, more cash from the Millennium Commission, the Lottery body which supported it. After a private opening on the evening of 31 December 1999 the Millennium Experience at the Dome was open to the public for the whole of 2000, and contained a large number of attractions and exhibits. The scheme was seen as an early example of what some saw as Tony Blair's often excessive optimism: "In the Dome we have a creation that, I believe, will truly be a beacon to the world". Sponsored by Thames Water. Jennifer Page was sacked as chief executive of the New Millennium Experience Company just one month after the dome's opening. This was billed as part of a larger plan to regenerate a large, sparsely populated area to the east of London and south of the River Thames, an area initially called the East Thames Corridor but latterly marketed as the "Thames Gateway". [1], A walkway across the top of the dome's structure has been opened, allowing visitors to cross the roof at a height of 60m. The dome was publicly renamed as The O2 on 31 May 2005, in a £6 million-per-year deal with telecommunications company O2 plc, now a subsidiary of Telefónica O2. The building structure was engineered by Buro Happold, and the entire roof structure weighs less than the air contained within the building. Where we live: Local, national and global. Commissioned to mark the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Millennium Dome was intended as a celebratory, emblematic and non-hierarchical structure that offered a vast, flexible space.

It cost £600 million, and the resulting venue opened to the public on 24 June 2007, with a concert by rock band Bon Jovi. In February 2000, Jennie Page was replaced as Chief Executive by PY Gerbaux who took a more populist approach to operating the Dome. The Dome was a location for the 2005 American CBS television series The Amazing Race 7 (Episode 10), for a roadblock where the teams had to drive a double-decker bus around the car park. The Dome attracted intense media coverage and political and public debate. May 1999 : The Jubilee Line Extension opens, putting the Dome on the London Underground.

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