The Vision Quest is an ancient rite of passage used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures for personal growth and development. The middle track in this album is very long and is … Perhaps stronger, & healthier relationships with loved ones or co-workers? In addition to selling books, the Web Shop has some free, instantly downloadable, "no strings attached" e-books! • What do you want to grow now in your life? Dive into this episode and allow your curious nature to explore what might enhance your life. Vision Quest Participant, John Ellen, Managing Director. Our advice is that you let go of any specific expectations and just let the music take you wherever you need to go. The middle track in this album is very long and is perfect for deep relaxation and formal meditation. *NOTE: For deeper Dive go to Find my blog and under Podcasts A-Z F is for Flavours ~ find worksheet on flavours. Enjoy. Deeply relaxing. When we are open to seeing and hearing things that are occurring around us we can have new "aha's" so to speak. During this time you may experience altered states of consciousness that can be quite profound. The first and last tracks are short and emotionally uplifting. Learn to detect & capture inspirations as they are coming to you. With sacred mantra chanting, temple bells, angelic choirs and sweeping orchestral sounds, you are called into attendance – ready to begin your journey within.

It is important to make sure that this program is right for you and vice versa. A dash of something new can be invigorating and juicy. See you soon. This ethereal music will uplift your spirit and fill you with a sense of lightness and inspiration. You just need an Internet connection capable of running Skype. They are very hypnotic to listen to, and even more importantly, they make a wonderful focal point for meditation. It’s the perfect way to return from a deep inner journey and come back to the waking world with a clear mind and an open heart. Week 4Creating a Circle of Honour, Building a Daily Practice and Monthly Rituals to keep you on track. Come on this exploration as you find yourself in the driver's seat of your own life and see where this trip takes you. While the first and last tracks on this album are emotionally stirring, "The Journey" is not. You don't need to look far to start getting guidance in this fun winter wonderland episode. NEW Online Vision Quest Program If you would like to go through a Vision Quest on your own then it is now possible to do the Vision Quest Program Online. Sometimes we crave a new flavour to add zest or sweetness to our day to day lives. Or perhaps there is a key relationship that you want to fortify and have a solid foundation at it’s base. Music for meditation & deep relaxationBrainwave entrainment music for an enhanced meditation experience Sleep music - seriously relaxing sounds for nodding off Chakra music - cleanse, purify and enliven your chakras with this inspiring musicWhite noise - downloads for clearing the mindMindfulness bells - great tools for mindfulness meditation enthusiastsMeditation TimersBrowse guided meditations by category, FAQ'S    |    Site Search    |     Disclaimer    |     Privacy Policy     |     Contact Us, Copyright Â© 2009-2020 Don't get to the end of your life and wonder 'What if? Time may seem to pass more slowly or more quickly. The work has given me theability to create a clear meaningful vision and be able to embrace everylittle thing in life along the way. You can enhance what you want to grow by starting to take some basic steps to help cultivate the newly planted seed. Thanks Alistair you are doing some very important work and I look forward tocontinue working with you into the future.". ~ Meditation ~ Guided Visualization, • Hi and welcome, I am Theresa Andersen; your spiritual guide and teacher. Come explore the nuances of what it means to have keys and locks. So what are you waiting for?

It draws from the latest findings in neuroscience and quantum physics mixed together with ancient wisdom and ontological philosophy all rolled together and applied to the REAL world. "Activating Inspirations Via Starlight" ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization.

What do you want to build now in your life? It does this through the use of some very interesting musical techniques.Notice that repeating phrase of bell tones? Change is constant. This includes the 12 exercises, readings and the Personal Development Plan. Have you finished a course, scaled a mountain, built a business, raised some kids, or achieved another long held goal and are now wondering WHAT'S NEXT? is a Spiritual Guide, an Intuitive, and Teacher.

Is there a new foundation that you want to construct?

"Feather Weights" ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization. Sonic Mantras are simply mantras that are made from musical notes. Come explore through this guided meditation and visualization some facets related to "admissions. Silly ; ) Comment by THRobinson Week 2The Vision Quest exercise incorporating physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual aspects of being. • You may want a note book and a pen for when you are finished with the meditation & guided visualization to capture some of the insights and glimpses that you receive. I will explain to you the theory behind the program and the process involved. The key to getting the most out of it is to allow yourself to FEEL deeply and allow your intuition to inform your mind. It was not only a plan on paper, it was in my head and in my heart too. Power Up Your Life Energy ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of this content is strictly prohibited. If you would like to go through a Vision Quest on your own then it is now possible to do the Vision Quest Program Online. Vision Quest is a musical journey in three parts. IntroductionThe first session I will take you through the theory behind the program, how it has developed and what you might expect. I will hold you to your truth and provide a solid sounding board for you. Learn to track intuitively when you are losing power & learn how to gain energy in some area in your life.

Discover new connections and expand your own capacity to be a co creator in your own life using some ice and snow influences. This session is free of charge and obligation (on both sides). In your current life what do you wished was “locked” up and more secure? Quests can be done wherever you are in the World. As you sink into an ever deepening state of relaxation, you may feel heavier or lighter.

All you have to do is accept it, click on the Fiery Soul Fragment to start the vision while standing right next to the quest giver, watch yourself as a wisp and then turn it in.

Letting go is a process. This is an opportunity to receive more of your own intuitive hits around yours and others relationship to locks and openings. Sometimes taking a short trip refreshes us, and gives us quietude to discover some new surprises along the way. It looked OK on paper but I didn't really see myself doing it. Alistair and I worked well together exploring the key aspects of moving from a reactive energy draining life style to a proactive energy conserving life style and finally developing a Personal Development Plan. I believe this to be the clearest visionI have had in my life.

Week 1We look at connecting to your Passions, what you believe you DESERVE from life and what have been the Defining Moments in your life so far. Vision Quest is a musical journey in three parts. In this meditation & guided visualization you will have a wonderful opportunity to explore the theme of “back up & getting support” in your current life.

As well, if we are being honest most of us are looking to get admitted and to have access to a person, place, or thing where access is a challenge. Learn to cultivate inspirations and utilize your dreams and wishes to set new innovative goals for yourself. This relaxing music has been designed to encourage inner stillness and to enhance meditation. You will have pre-reading and structured exercises that will allow you to envision a new future with an holistic aspect including emotional, physical, mental, material and spiritual issues. As long as you have an Internet connection we can talk face to face using Skype and I will guide you through the process.

• During this guided visualization there will be opportunity for you to begin receiving hints, hunches, and information regarding what maybe also be “backed up” and causing you some frustration in your current life. Thank you for joining me. After we have met and gone through the material we will both go away and decide if we want to commit to working with each other over the following 4 weeks. Come explore who you can become a gardener in your own life and see what develops. "Open Road Trip Surprises ~ Guided Meditation & Visualization". • Those tones are what we call a “Sonic Mantra” and they form the backbone of this musical journey. And see what starts to play out in your life. • Hint before listening to this audio session, It’s a good time to set your intention around what kind of back up and support that you would appreciate having more of in your life. If you would like to know if this is for you then email me to book a FREE one hour Skype session. You will put together a plan to make it become reality. I felt very comfortable and feel I learnt things I can carry with me for ever. The exercise below is an example of the type of exercises that are in the Vision Quest Program.

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