Therefore, the U.K. student property market is mature enough, even close to saturation.

Are atheists correct when they say there are Christian countries that also practise the Islamic punishment of stoning to death and FGM? Germany is a byword in the UK for efficiency and pride in a job well done. Given a good reason, and because in Germany such things are rarely rushed, budgets can be made available within the timescale of the rigorous decision making process.

Having worked in both countries and having taken a close interest in retail supply chains in each I find the comparison intriguing. Retailers, analysts, and press from all over the world joined us as retail experts from RELEX and our customers led engaging sessions on the trends and best practices that are keeping retailers competitive. Royal LePage State Realty in Hamilton raises $11,000 for shelters, Real estate agent’s defamation claim survives anti-SLAPP motion, Sutton City joins iPro Realty on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, How COVID-19 changed the leasing industry, After 20 years of columns, the well maintains moisture, Publisher’s Page: An era of transformative change, Lisa Thompson: Changes at last in force for Ontario Realtors, Building and scaling a profitable real estate team, Eppich House 2: An iconic Canadian masterpiece, Desmond Brown’s eclectic career comes full circle, Laneway home offers a design for the future, Salespeople the focus at TrilliumWest in Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo, the ‘un-franchise’, Complete renovation of a 1947 Montreal home, Properly secures $100-million investment for expansion, New Royal LePage platform rlpSPHERE integrates emerging technologies. 10 POINTS for Germany. German states have different say on education matters, the government has little say. In other words, the students coming to Germany have a high chance of getting a job upon graduation. In Germany these issues appear in third and fourth place behind other development priorities (42%) and a cultural preference for in-house developed systems (22%). Whether it’s cars or education, people everywhere recognize “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality.

Between these two countries only. For instance, in Germany, the percentage of student property in the private sector is growing rapidly. By 2025, the number of students is expected to double again and hit eight million people. However, grocers have many advantages that they can leverage to successfully compete. 4 5. It will affect the demand for student property in both Germany and the U.K. As of 2015, Germany had a total of 2.7M students, leaving the U.K. behind with 2.3M. German has a lower crime rate, and really excellent education system, and as far as I know their sport and welfare systems are fine. Why is Germany doing better than the UK at fighting a resurgence of Covid-19? The number of people in large cities is growing, but the space is still the same. Here at MyOrganicFormula, we carry both products.

If it was a German speaking one the answers would be for Germany. So it’s hardly surprising that many retailers in both the UK and Germany have earned great respect. What is particularly interesting however is that it becomes clear that great results can be arrived at via different approaches. I'd still rather employ a german builder. In my opinion, this is better than the conventional student apartments. Low youth unemployment rate. For example, you can rent such a property out as a usual flat, if the student flow has for whatever reason declined.”. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad. The German culture is more ‘let’s play it safe’. Moreover it is useful to remember that on most issues the two countries remain very similar – for example, businesses in each agree that accurately forecasting new product introductions, promotions and new store openings are all of great importance. What is particularly interesting however is that it becomes clear that great results can be arrived at via different approaches. Germany is a byword in the UK for efficiency and pride in a job well done. Each has produced great, internationally-recognized retail brands operating in different sectors, such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer’s, Lidl and Aldi to name but a few.

Are you ready? The likelihood is that they get better availability and a smoother business process, but it is not certain. And the Germans keep a close eye on the way that British businesses approach things, not least because when innovations arrive in Europe from the US they often make their mark in the UK first. Naturally well-established retailers in both countries have all the fundamental elements in order with, at least, basic forecasting and replenishment systems, visibility over all stock in the supply chain, the ability to measure the most important KPI’s and to control their processes on that basis. This is just between England and Germany, not Wales, not Poland, not America etc. This is not quite student accommodation in its entirety, as anyone can be a tenant there. George Kachmazov, managing partner at, says: “Student accommodation is one of promising property types for investment. Germany is an entirely different world.

The biggest factors identified by UK retailers are the perceived complexity of the implementation project (22%) and not having the budget required for the investment (22%).

Anonymous. Having had the opportunity to live in both countries, judging by educational standards, crime rate, cultural values, lifestyle...sad to say it but Germany.The cost of living wasn't bad, although to be fair I only experienced it for a year and a half.I always found people to be welcoming and eager to get to know you.

Which one is cheaper? I would be really glad to hear your opinions about my question posted above. Our CEO Mikko explores how retailers have survived – and even thrived – during the ongoing coronavirus crisis by being nimble and adaptable.
Why does UK government not fund Kent council to pay for coastal defences to protect coastal homes from coastal erosion and pays to keep ? Answer Save. Favourable visa regime. 10 POINTS for Germany. Why is Germany doing better than the UK at fighting a resurgence of Covid-19?

Relevance. And the Germans keep a close eye on the way that British businesses approach things, not least because when innovations arrive in Europe from the US they often make their mark in the UK first.

as much as I Love Holidaying in Germany I prefer to Live in the UK if that was the Only Choice. WWI: ENGLAND! Another notable difference is seen in supplier collaboration. I've lived in both countries and I love both countries very much. Of course the best country will always be Luxembourg. Similar differences are also discernible in the way that retail supply chains are run.

However there are also some interesting differences. Which social media channels should you be on? It has a supply deficit now, and in view of the growing number of students, the demand for student housing in the country will only increase. How to relax your mind when things are not going well, 10 things the real estate course doesn’t teach you. In Germany, the youth unemployment rate is as low as seven per cent. In general, the number of international students correlates with the number of prestigious universities in the country: the U.K. has 44 universities in the Times Top 400 educational institutions ranking and 436,000 international students, whereas Germany has 37 such prestigious universities and 320,000 international students. In Germany, the supply of this type of property is still at a relatively low level in comparison with other countries (provision rate of 10 per cent). 2 years ago. WWII: Well since England won the war, ENGLAND! Economics: Has to be Germany, they save more money, and are better off than England in terms of finance. In British history, during democracy, who was more popular out of the Fascists O Mosely and E Powell, and the leftists, Marx...etc? To discern which country to invest in, you should consider three basic criteria.

The goals that are rated as most important are reducing instances of out-of-stock items (Germany 83% / UK 31%) or improving availability (Germany 73% / UK 63%). If you buy singles and travel at peak time, Germany is better. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Germany’s dark bread is incredible and I will go as far as saying it is the best bread in the … 5 POINTS. England has turned into a huge toilet, which is why I escaped. Germans like to be certain before committing to doing something. The rivalry goes way beyond the football field. “The difference between the ordinary apartments and the student apartments is that the latter are shared apartments with communal bathrooms and kitchens. HiPP’s Germany Vs. HiPP UK There are a couple of places around the web where parents are talking about the difference between HiPP formula sold in Germany and HiPP formula sold in the United Kingdom.

German higher education is one of the best in the world! Such property is for students only, while the ordinary apartments are small, self-contained flats for anyone to live in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The percentage of private student housing will grow to 22 per cent by 2020, owing to the investment in this sector. The cultures of two countries are anything but same. Firstly, from a purely personal and unscientific viewpoint, British and German business culture differs in two respects: decision making processes and the perception of and approach to risk. These include: In general, the number of international students is increasing all over the world: it has doubled over the last decade, hitting four million people. Germany has more expensive return fares (although booking in advance does cut prices), while the UK sits reasonably close to the EU average.

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