As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. He took a sip from the cold drink, looking back to Anthony across from her. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works “So…” Mackie draws out, pursing his lips, “Late night last night?”-(A little Evanstan ficlet featuring Sebastian's dorkiness, Mackie's humor, and a whole lotta fluffy joking around.). Not that it would have, Jacob was much too busy talking to somebody to even take notice to the clicking of her heeled boots. Zendaya -- whom Holland is probably not dating, despite reports -- also knows how to keep him humble with her own gentle ribbing. It is strictly for entertainment*. 3 years ago.

"Just that you can sing any Disney song known, you cry during Bambi, you're the little spoon-", "Did you tell him our entire life story?"

Mackie just spent a good amount of time on "The Late Show" mocking Holland as a "wildy annoying" little Shih Tzu, after Mackie and Stan spent months taking little shots at the Spidey star. Please consider turning it on! I'll try to update as soon as I can!

Filming for Spider-Man 2 was in full swing now, pun intended. @lunagiraldo: I think I have a crush on Tom Holland lol ↳@tomholland1996: We've been dating for months, I'd be concerned if you didn't #fanfiction #holland #parker #peter #peterparker #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #tom #tomholland #wattys2018

A bunch of imagines for the amazingly talented actor, quackson king, tom holland. ... Anthony Mackie."

The One Where Anthony and Luna Meet 14.5K 559 100. by offIine. I'll take some actors I like and place them in a certain scenario. “Hold the doors!” Sebastian calls ahead as he jogs down the last half of the hallway. Tom Hiddleston (250) Chris Hemsworth (236) Sebastian Stan (234) Jeremy Renner (184) Tom Holland (Actor) (181) Mark Ruffalo (153) Anthony Mackie (144) Include Relationships Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans (70) Chris Evans/Sebastian Stan (67) Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston (56) Robert Downey Jr./Tom Holland (54)
Luna decided she needed a break from filming, and took the first flight to Atlanta she could find. This is the story of their friendship over the years, how it develops and where it eventually leads. titles ‍♀️someone said they'd want to see luna meet anthony so boom, The One Where Giraldo Becomes Holland (1/2), The One Where Giraldo Becomes Holland (2/2). As Luna approached, her eyes widened, and she quickened her footsteps, giving up on the sneaky approach.

This story was inspired by the real events.

And if they did, are they both willing to work it out? Tom asked incredulously, his eyes wide in horror. Sebastian Stan joins her class, becoming her partner, and very quickly, her friend.

Like us on Facebook. Крис Эванс — хороший парень. But then- a game of Never Have I Ever amongst the cast reveals a little too much and suddenly, it's not under control at all. Seeing as Tom was busy, she spent a lot of time with Harrison, not that it was an issue since she missed him just as much.

In this headcannon Chris is supposed to be gay. ", all the bonus chapters r gonna have friends insp.

The last few months has been late night facetime calls and random texts whenever they could.

After all we're talking about THE Tom Holland. Amazing right?

All's fair in love and war, and Mackie (Falcon) has truly taken that message to heart. #tomholland Luna looked up when he stood above her, smiling at the boy.

*All of this is fiction, I do not know any of the characters in this story. Tom almost let out a sigh of relief, until he spoke again. Want more stuff like this?

i love you, ain't that the worst thing you ever heard? Stream & Watch Avengers: Infinity War Online, Extended Cut of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Is Now Playing: Here's a Sneak Peek, Tom Holland, Kevin Feige Address 'Spider-Man' Divorce, Sony Publicly Responds to Marvel Divorce Over 'Spider-Man', 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Is Now the Highest-Grossing Spider-Man Movie, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan Join 'Spies in Disguise' With Will Smith, Tom Holland, Russo Brothers, Tom Holland Tease Dark Drama 'Cherry' at Comic-Con, Rachael Leigh Cook, Damon Wayans Jr., & Heather Graham discuss their new rom-com 'Love, Guaranteed', Malin Akerman, Ken Marino and more stars of 'The Sleepover' discuss their new action comedy, Watch Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ryan Kwanten in an exclusive clip from '2067'. At times he hated that she worried, but he knew that she wouldn't stop anytime soon, her worrying being another way to say I love you. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland finally responds to the rivalry between him and Avengers: Infinity War co-star Anthony Mackie - and he's very chill about it. #spidermanhomecoming, A post shared by ✌️ (@tomholland2013) on Aug 5, 2017 at 5:27pm PDT. Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mackie's Sam Wilson/Falcon will next be seen in "Avengers: Infinity War," which opens May 4th, 2018.

Not to spend the weekend hanging out with Chris Evans! On her second night in the city, her cousin invites her out to meet new people. Mackie just spent a good amount of time on "The Late Show" mocking Holland as a "wildy annoying" little Shih Tzu, after Mackie and Stan spent months taking little shots at the Spidey star. You have been friends with Seb for a long time.

She expected Tom to be as busy as he was, so she was completely content with the fact that most of their time spent together was spent sleeping. This idea came to me from nowhere.

It would all have been perfect had you not harbored secret romantic feelings for him. @lunagiraldo: I think I have a crush on Tom Holland lol To your surpise you actually win. "What did she tell you?"

Both pairs of eyes turned to her, and Jacob took a cup from Luna's hand, casually taking a sip. But another man is waiting in the wings for her, one who will make damn sure to keep her safe.

If something never truly begins, then it never has to end. What she doesn’t expect, is meeting Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans. Sebastian's crush is under control, totally, absolutely.

They’ve made it clear that they’re friends, but the delusional fans choose to ignore logic. The thirst is real for some people and I wanna do something about it, you know? #wattys2018. I took liberties and had Richard be gay and Sebastian as straight.

Realistic Romance Marvel Marvel Imagine Bucky Barnes Tom Hiddleston ... Tom Holland Chris Evans Peter Parker Spiderman Marvel Oneshot Love Family Chris Pratt Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie A collection of (Y/N) imagines featuring the characters and actors of MARVEL. At least he doesn't take himself too seriously.

From the way Mackie's looking at him, Sebastian probably has toothpaste on his mouth or his shirt on inside out.

"This is yours.". It's that but instead of Ross it's Scarlett, Otherwise known as me and Amanda finally got our shit together after a million years and collabed, The great parts are Amanda's and the chaotic trainwreck parts are Em's, Clintasha x TaylorSwift???? Tom didn't take a break for another hour or so, he only took a break at all because Jon practically forced him too, courtesy of Luna. based on an idea that i'm doing with my best friend, she said to put it here so :). ↳@tomholland1996: We've been dating for months, I'd be concerned if you didn't, #fanfiction #parker #tom He shook it with a smile, "I know who you are; Anthony Mackie."., — Tom Holland (@TomHolland1996) August 5, 2017.

I can confirm that the rumours are true ???????????? You had always loved acting and music, and after managing to get a break on Broadway you found yourself on the set of an upcoming Marvel movie - playing a top secret and all new character who would debut in the movies before her first ever comic issue is released. Because who could've guessed the Crazy Little Thing 'Bout Love? She'd been formally introduced to everyone the first day she was there, and with each day she spent, she got to know people more and more. #holland
“Yup. He shrugged, "Nothing." Will they both have the courage to meet? Fanfiction Realistic Romance Marvel Marvel Imagine Bucky Barnes ... Tom Hiddleston Tom Holland Chris Evans Peter Parker Spiderman Marvel Oneshot Love Family Chris Pratt Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie A collection of (Y/N) imagines featuring the characters and actors of MARVEL. #peterparker Everytime it will be different. How was this her life? When she learns about an internship at Horan Entertainment LLC, she takes a chance and applies for it. So this resulted in a very angry phone call to Harrison, demanding that he pay more attention to what the boy is and isn't doing. This fanfic is based of a headcannon someone presented in tumblr about Sebastian and Richard Madden being twins and going on a date with Chris.

a collaboration for the ages, Chris Evans (Actor)/Original Female Character(s), I believe in love, and I know that you do, too, Sebastian Stan & Original Female Character(s), how this world would be if we had all the people laughing.

It always seemed to be something he brought upon himself, which frustrated Luna deeply.

Whenever she'd complain to him about how he needed to be taking care of himself, Tom would shrug it off, using the terrible excuse of "it's my job." You're a single mom from Texas who randomly enters a contest on Twitter to meet Chris Evans. But my phone helpfully informed me about the news of the accidental dick pic share and I simultaneously burst out laughing and had my heart go out to this poor schmoe who just wants to show the Internet pictures of his dog. Sebastian keeps his eye trained on Scarlett’s incredulous face, pretending he’s only casually interested in Chris’s answer to her question instead of hanging on his every word. "I will not apologize for crying during Bambi, that shit was sad.

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