After seven months pass with no progress on the police investigation, Mildred rents the titular three billboards outside town and uses them to very publicly ask why Sheriff Willoughby (Woody Harrelson) hasn’t managed to make any arrests in the murder of her daughter. - Neil Gaiman.

I do enjoy a film that makes you think . Right away, what stands out is that we have two morally ambiguous characters left to decide if they will or will not murder a man who may be or may not be guilty of a crime. They utilize motif, characterization, plot, and escalation, to build to a purpose. By the time Vinyard leaves prisons, he’s no longer the guy he was.

Dixon says he got the guys number plate. It certainly sounds like it must be, with a title like that, right?

Though we’ll say “innocent” as we just kind of proved the guy definitely did it and Abercrombie lied.

But a police officer and a father mourning the loss of his daughter. Loved Chirs’s review and I love your take on the ending even more!

If the character’s story, their physical and/or emotion journey, resolves itself in some way, it’s okay that the screenplay not answer every single lingering question. Dixon (who by this point in the story has been fired from the police department) comes to Mildred with an idea: Since her daughter’s killer hasn’t been found, they can take revenge on this killer instead. Despite the title sounding like a real place and real events, there's actually no such place as Ebbing — not in Missouri, or anywhere else in the US for that matter.

The thing about endings is that they tend to encapsulate the entirety of the movie. A loving mother who is also a racist drunk.

MUFASA: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. By the end of the film, Mildred hasn’t changed from the hardened, spitfire of a woman she was at the beginning. Just finished watching it last night and I thought I heard Mildred say in the car as they were driving:

On the other hand, what religious implications are there to that? Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. That’s because, in looking to explain the ending of Three Billboards, I discovered that almost every character in the movie has a similar sympathetic/unsympathetic duality about them. Jerome helped Mildred out by bringing the extra copy of the billboard copy after they had been burned. Mildred is morally ambiguous. Britton Perelman is a writer and storyteller based in Los Angeles, California. But it's not. This guy wasn’t just your average military grunt who served a tour and came home. Thank you for a great commentary. By all accounts, a well-loved member of the community. During interviews with Yahoo Entertainment about Three Billboards, McDonagh and Rockwell each offered a different take on the film’s ambiguous ending.

At the time of Angela’s death, he wasn’t even in the country. I’ll give you a clue. People are going to make assumptions that certain characters in the film - Lucas Hedges’ depressed brother? Maybe he is just bragging and imagines himself as the one doing it, thinking there won’t be any payback?

Of course, we’ll never know for sure. Whether they have a name or not. Thanks for writing, i thoroughly enjoyed reading it …i too like to think when they got there and she saw it was him they took him out!

Easily my favorite script of that year, for many of the reasons you point out.

Human beings are not that simple. I disagree– I don’t think they killed the guy. I loved Three Billboards for its splendid performances, and for the complexity of its characters. It’s only when order was restored with Simba’s return that the world returned to good health. & there’s still a question mark over his innocence…. And Jerome didn’t rush to help when Dixon was getting the shit kicked out of him by the soldier. Post without limits. Angela was killed seven months ago. Before storming out of the house to walk to wherever she was going, Angela declares she hopes she’s raped, just so Mildred feels bad. But in conservative areas like Idaho…marijuana would still be a moral no-no.

She loves vintage typewriters, the Cincinnati Reds, and her dog, Indy. Helped put the billboards up. Which is either really good due diligence on the part of Abercrombie…or it means the commanding officer called Abercrombie. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri left me in a weird spot. But she’s also rude and psychotic enough to have molotov cocktailed the police station.

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