Very interesting post about the secret symbols. This subject is close to my heart. One of the most well known studies of modern-day secret symbols comes from homeless travelers who wandered the country during the Great Depression, creating a vast set of pictographs that are still documented and translated today (see above image). Gorgers seem to have this belief that you can pay a Gypsy to perform spells to prevent your bad luck or bring good luck. Irish Travellers do not like to share the language with outsiders, named “Buffers”, or non-Travellers. His interest in ciphers started when he was young, prospecting for decoder rings in cereal boxes.

It has two genders, masculine and feminine; o represents the masculine and i the feminine:  for example, boro rye, a great gentleman; bori rani, a great lady.

However, one of the ways of being considered shameful is to not follow purity laws, so the two are closely linked. Taylor's material appears, usually without credit, in many other spots on the Web. Polari was a “wink” to those in the know. They and the children may or may not travel in the summer but remain in close contact with the wider Irish Traveller community. Hobos who jumped the caboose for a free ride stopped in occasionally. It's a great way for kids to learn about the Depression. My mother told me about the "kind lady lives here" cat being drawn in front of grandma's house by the men who needed food. You are being robbed by ethnic Gypsies or 2.

The birth rate for the Traveller community for the year 2005 was 33.32 per 1,000, possibly the highest birth rate recorded for any community in Europe. Thanks! Advice and Information for Gypsies and Travellers, 'The website of Cork Traveller Visibility Group Ltd', 'The Facebook page of Spring Lane Site Solidarity Group',, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, this resulted from marriages made largely within and among the Traveller community, or, Itinerant Settlement Committee (1960s–1980s), Travellers' Education and Development Group (founded in 1984), Cork Traveller Visibility Group Ltd. (founded early 1990s), Minceirs Whiden Ireland, the all-Traveller Forum, Justice 4 All Women & Children (founded In 2015), This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 00:20. The proper Gypsy plural terminations are retained in nouns, but in declension prepositions are generally substituted for postpositions, and those prepositions English. I hope it avoids being, Northern Italian dialects are well represented, plus additions from English, French, and Gypsy tongues. So interesting! Slang & Sideshow Slang:  A-C  D-I  I am in my twenties and still get warned these things off my mum and grandmother. Another thing which causes impurity is shame being brought to a family. The grammar and syntax are English. When I was a child, there was a restaurant called Hobo Joe's, where they displayed all kinds of interesting memorabilia from the depression era hobo lifestyle. Sadly, the second one is usually true nowadays; I see these adverts every week on Facebook groups advertising spell castings by people who are certainly Gorgers. -    In general, because we have a dualistic worldview we don’t like anything which doesn’t have its place. They are so alike, that he who speaks one of them can make himself very well understood by those who speak any of the rest; from whence it may reasonably be inferred that none of them can differ much from the original Gypsy speech; so that when speaking of Gypsy language, any one of these may be taken as a standard. I have several hand-carved old posts with the cat on it and also average 12"x12' pieces of boards cut from the sides of really old sheds, they all are the 'good-hearted woman lives here' cats. God and The Devil may just be a part of the universe’s natural way. [75], In the Traveller community, bare-knuckle boxing is seen as a way to resolve disputes and uphold family honour, as shown in the 2011 documentary Knuckle. When ill, Gypsies often stay away from each other, because an ill person is considered marime for a time. Polari is rarely spoken today, but it does occasionally find its way into art. I saw that Madmen episode where the symbol left by the "hobo" was s sign that told others to stay away, I forget what it was, but it was certainly not a cat! [38], Jean-Pierre Liégeois [fr] writes that the Irish Traveller Gammon vocabulary is derived from pre-13th-century Gaelic idioms with ten per cent Indian origin Romani language vocabulary. [68], Traveller children often grow up outside educational systems. The verb has no infinitive; in lieu thereof, the conjunction ‘that’ is placed before some person of some tense.

Poor urban planning, social unrest, and a failing education system plagued Medellin. This would favour the second, endogenous, hypothesis of Traveller origins. Cute movie BTW. \Great article. in mainstream culture (and, therefore, not specific to the field). Many of these drawings remind me of alchemical symbols. the mythology that goes with them. The following article about the Gypsy Language is from The Romano Lavo-Lil by George Borrow, written in 1841.

The "lingo" of any industry serves many purposes: it's a shorthand for The most colorful origin story is that the secret code was created by none other than the King of the Gypsies at a cave called The Devil’s Arse. For the number nine there are two words, nu and ennyo. Thanks for sharing. Baldaev revealed many secrets of this symbolic language: A cat tattoo signified a thief, crosses on the knuckles indicated number of prison stints, a penis on a female revealed she was a prostitute, and a shoulder tattoo meant the bearer had spent time in solitary confinement. [44] Within the 1963 commission of itinerancy report they recommended institutions such as the Industrial Schools in Ireland in attempt to cleanse Irish society. I did, however, find it interesting and I hope you will too. The English Gipsies and their language. About Us, Contact Us, Visit "Ballycast," my Our belief that Gorgers and their influence is somehow dangerous has kept our culture alive for thousands of years across great distances. my greatgrandmother was a 1930s caterer on the Southside of Chicago, she had a cat carved on her fencepost by the gate by the "hobo' men who would come around for a hand-out.

First spotted in Surrey in 2009, the code has since been found throughout England. [30], Present genetic evidence indicates that they are genetically Irish. Were they the same all over, or where there regional dialects? . -    Animal contact. no insight." In genetic tests, Romany people are still mostly identifiable as Indian, and we still carry genetic disorders unknown outside of small pockets of Indian cities. The simplicity of the technique blindsided law enforcement. The Romani language is another great example of how their cultures tend to adopt local customs. for the simple fact that this is one of the things which warrants the most interest by Gorgers. London: Sampson Low & Marston, 1865. -    Certain thoughts (thinking negatively about a sick person). Here's an EMAIL LINK. Very memorable episode: "The Hobo Code" [42] There is fear that if outsiders know the entirety of the language, it will be used to bring further discrimination to the Traveller community.

A favorite pasttime for me there is looking at pictographs and petroglyphs. - literally, mod. He talks about his life and his travels all around the country by boxcar! Walter Simson. Morrissey’s 1990 single “Piccadilly Palare” explicitly references the cryptolect. me. [41][unreliable source? Another simple but effective technique McGinley employed to send messages within his maximum security prison was circling letters in library books his co-conspirators would later check out. If they had a spell book, they would be influenced by Gorger culture and, therefore, not considered one of us by us. Often the names of the gangs themselves are shrouded in code. [8][9] Genetic analysis has shown Travellers to be of Irish extraction, and that they likely diverged from the settled Irish population in the 1600s, during the time of the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland. [24] Because they worked with metal, Travellers had to travel throughout Ireland and work on making various items such as ornaments, jewellery and horse harnesses to make a living. Racism affected my life significantly and nearly ruined by business. I love that secret codes can still appear in a modern world outside the internet, in our real lives. I will say some Gypsies married Gorgers, but this is not a standard practice. -    Women on their period and pregnant women. The study, including a detailed census of Traveller population and an examination of their health status, was expected to take up to three years to complete. Regardless, there is no doubt the language has been influenced by the nomadic tongues of Northern India. Heidi. Having looked at thousands, maybe millions, my opinion is that they are mostly (though not all) trip diaries and notes to fellow travelers. Also I learned quickly that the thumb wasn't always the universal symbol for picking up a ride ~*~. That post is for another day, though. Hobos did not have work; but they certainly figured out how to work together to survive. Gypsies do not believe that our readings are better than Gorger reader’s readings. I loved this movie!

God and The Devil are not all powerful beings; even they are tied to universal laws, and not all misfortune or luck is the result of them. Cute movie BTW. -    Parts of the body which produce emissions (genitals, spots, silva). Reports indicate that this language is still used in UK prisons. Thanks so much for sharing. Anyone who claims they have their Gypsy grandmother’s spell book is a liar. "Pikey" is a slang term, which is pejorative and is a derogatory term aimed towards Travellers. Dishes are always done in a plastic basin (never directly in the sink). it was always fun to look at...but dont get me started on secret codes...i am paranoid enuff without even trying ;). [20] It continues to be the subject of academic and popular debate. The phenomenon reached peak numbers during the Great Depression, when the dispossessed flooded hobo “jungles.” These men led nomadic existences, taking odd jobs no one else wanted. It is considered an insult because you are viewed as not fitting in. We traveled West and spread out all over the world. My husband loves this kind of stuff, I'll have to tell him to read this :). I love the meaning of it. From what I have observed, some Gypsies actually do believe that some Gorgers choose to follow these rules but there are ‘dirty’ Gorgers who choose not to. In the foremost class of the purer Gypsy dialects, I have no hesitation in placing those of Russia, Wallachia, Bulgaria, and Transylvania. Gypsies think that people who refuse are doing so because they feel the Gypsy is dirty. I remember seeing the fat cat pictograph by my grandmother's house but always thought that the many "visitors" were patient's of my grandfather. I work for a nonprofit that operates a railroad roundhouse museum and we do a lot of "Hobo Sign" themed things. Independent merchants, once known as “peddlers,” were prosecuted in order to ensure a crown-approved monopoly. “Verse” masks standard words by rearranging syllables, and metaphor abounds. The old witch woman is wiser than you think. People often falsely say “Spanish Gypsies” “Scottish Gypsies” or “Egyptian Gypsies.” Ethnically, this is not possible and in some cases is insulating. I'm sure that somewhere was the cat symbol indicating a kind lady as my Mom was.

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