In order to succeed, an attorney must have a thorough understanding of the client’s business as well as knowledge of the securities laws that apply to the business transactions. The learning curve is long and steep—and you’ll be death-marched up it in double-time—but if you put your own skill set development ahead of such trivialities as maintaining healthy relationships with friends and loved ones, private equity may be a good bet. Companies that begin with venture capital often have a goal of eventually making a public offering. Private Equity Law and Practice Hardcover – 2018. by Darryl Cooke (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Private equity transactions are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Venture capital law is the law that pertains to funding early-stage startup companies. The purpose of the law is to provide transparency in investing and open information sharing for prospective investors. Enforcement work and policy-shaping actions may be rewarding for a government attorney, while in-house counsel may find satisfaction in having one, singular and present client. Many private equity sales have the same regulations as other private securities investments. H3B 3V2, Toronto, Ontario The Carlyle Group in its acquisition of StandardAero from Veritas Capital. Private equity / venture capital lawyers are a critical part of the business. Pingback: I'm Curious About Private Equity Law | The Moseley Law Firm(), I'm Curious About Private Equity Law | The Moseley Law Firm, Bitter Vault: 4 Things Skyrim Taught Me About the Law (Or: Fus Ro LAW! Attorneys in private equity or venture capital may work for the government, for a business or for a private law firm. Private equity investments are usually made by private equity firms, venture capital firms, or angel investors. With private equity and venture capital funding, business owners find the financial capital they need to do business. Venture capital law is the sum total of the laws and regulations that govern venture capital investments. Although there are many similarities, private equity and venture capital law have some important differences. Investment firms make large contributions of capital to these companies. ), and then try to sidestep when conditions improve. Because private equity is seen as risky investing, firms must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to participate in private equity investing. Private equity law is the law that pertains to private investment financing. Recognizing the unique business objectives and regulatory requirements of each client, we deliver innovative legal solutions that achieve those objectives and survive regulatory scrutiny, in particular pursuant to competition and foreign investment regulation. Enjoyed reading your take on this Bitter. Private equity firms are a notoriously demanding category of client. Startup companies turn to venture capital as a way to raise funds when they don’t qualify for traditional funding like bank loans. GFL Environmental Inc. in connection with its agreement to recapitalize GFL Environmental Holdings Inc. with investors led by BC Partners, including Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and others, for an implied total enterprise value of approximately C$5.1B. Not very sexy. It’s hard to imagine a practice group in any large law firm that provides a broader range of experiences than private equity.

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