In my opinion, a perfect song touches you on many different levels. Organ Concerti: Op. I hope you are making the transitions needed or wanted in the most healthy and happy ways.

"Great job making the coffee today!"

Link the positive behavior to real business results if you can. A comment like, "You sure messed up that presentation," does not offer helpful guidance either, because it tells you nothing about your errors or what you need to change.

While constructive and negative feedback gets most of the attention in training programs and leadership materials, positive feedback at work is every bit as important. What's true of human relationships is, in its own strange way, also true of certain audiophile designs and our connections to them.

It is shared in hopes that it may help others faced with a similar transition in their listening environments.

In the first example, you're left to wonder what, if anything, really impressed the executives. Coronation Anthem, HWV... Read More », Ye Olde Editor with an exceptional La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull (portrait by John Robinson) Oregon and trees…they go together. I'm pleased to say that we've gotten my friend Rush Paul back for another article here at PF. Read More », PF Central…River City and up the Hill…has finally made the investment and switchover to solar power. So, my comments about sources and music and what we're excited about will lean heavily in this direction.

TRPTK has easily become a favorite music label in this household because of the highly varied and non-traditional repertoire, extraordinarily good artists (whom we may not know by name but are very deserving of our attention),... Read More », One of the audiophile "tweaks" most often criticized on the internet and in back-room bull sessions is the use of cable lifters to improve system sound.

If you don't commonly give positive feedback, start doing it now: Don't save up all of your praise for an employee's annual performance review. That way, you will encourage a growth mindset in your employees and help them build determination and resilience. When you deliver feedback as close to the event as possible, you ensure that it's cemented in the recipient's mind.

Blue Note – LT-1056 (1980), Tone Poet Series – B0029357-01 (2019), 33 1/3 rpm. or one of their children, you no doubt have a strong familiarity of the works of jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi. No, not if your manager doesn't tell you specifically what you did well. Positive feedback loops are processes that occur within feedback loops in general, and …

When employees receive positive feedback and appreciation, they start to find more meaning in their jobs, which can increase their engagement at work and result in increased productivity. These Perfect Song articles have moved beyond my original intent: So, what is a perfect song? Take care to avoid using a condescending tone or manner when delivering positive feedback, and use tact when offering positive feedback to people who have seniority over you in the office. When you offer specific, positive feedback, your employees will feel valued and connected to the team, and will know that you have noticed their efforts. It is a melding of music, lyrics, vocals, and... Read More », The more I listen to the recordings created by Brendon Heinst and his team, the more enchanted I become. Start slowly and phase feedback in over a few weeks.

Scott... Read More », Handel: Organ Transcriptions (arr. Pristine is a name implying... Read More », It is the story of birth of digital audio, as well as a journey through the 1970s and 1980s, the best period in the history of digital recorders, and finally the story of their unique representatives—reel-to-tape recorders from MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi. All material within this site is copyrighted and can not be reprinted or used in any form without our express written permission.

Feedback, whether positive or negative, must be specific to have an effect on future performance.

This is not intended... Read More », Rushton Paul Well now! TT: 54.04 Saul: How excellent Thy name, O Lord; Preserve Him for the glory of Thy Name. Horn speaker people like... Read More », When Dr. David, Ye Olde Editor at PF, invited me to write some music reviews with a principal focus on DXD and DSD256, I don't think he expected I might start with these particular albums from High Definition Tape Transfers. All Rights Reserved, 09-01-2020 | By Editors at Positive Feedback, TRPTK: Intersection of Passion, Skill, and Excellence, Bunking Cable Lifters: Roger Skoff Writes About the Other Side of the Discussion, Impressions:  The Vinnie Rossi L2i SE Integrated Amplifier, Vince Guaraldi: Peanuts Portraits (70th Anniversary LP Edition), Equinox Balance Acts – Listening to Vinyl, Time Stands Still - Neil Peart's Heady Metal, Just Listen: There’s Something Special Going On. Doch... Ayon S 10 – didn’t we talk about it already?

Given in a positive manner, feedback is one of the key methods of developing an employee. When you offer specific, positive feedback, your employees will feel valued and connected to the team, and will know that you have noticed their efforts. Positive feedback is a form of evaluation that focuses on an employee's strengths and accomplishments. Or at least, you know him through osmosis, via his compositions for the many Charlie Brown and Peanuts television specials and movies that have aired almost incessantly since... Read More », The year continues to be a trial for us all in balance and direction.

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