We occasionally send out emails with special offers. The payment processing giant is nearly ubiquitous at this point — as things stand, PayPal claims 305 million active consumer accounts and 22 million merchants. After a day it appeared on paypal as a refund but with a status “pending” and it’s been there waiting over a week now. I then received a Email from Paypal stating that the item was “substantially as ordered” !

The refund has been “pending” for 3 weeks – I have called 3 times – first I was told it would be in my account in “24 to 48 hours”, 3 days later I called – “within 24 hours”, and this morning I called and the customer support person told me she had no idea when the refund would be paid, and had no idea why it hadn’t been paid. having to call to verify after checking balance and told no, I now having to wait another 7 days before the payment/refund can be used!balances pending – changing – deposits disappearing from my statementpaypal “the new money” it doesn’t even move as fast as old cash. You can create and send invoices by logging into PayPal's website using your business account credentials or using the PayPal Business app on your phone or tablet.

I was on the phone with these people for 3 hours and 29 minutes total talking to a dozen people sitting on hold being transferred making three way calls for NOTHING. Check out our PayPal For Nonprofits article to learn more about what PayPal has to offer a nonprofit organization. Buyer beware. This was started April 22, 2019, almost 3 months ago. PayPal is very transparent with its pricing, and you can find all of it… This is a governmental process that is required. However, once you’ve reached the point where you’re consistently processing at least $10,000-$20,000 in credit card transactions per month, a traditional merchant account may become more cost-effective. Check out our PayPal Working Capital review for more information.

* I think they even don’t pay their employees as none of them is ready to talk or give any response to your email, messages, calls. Really? Their solution???? However on specific occasions where the mess ups have just gone a tad over Mount Everest, and you have to just stomp your feet, and say enough is enough buddy! And I get blasted by eBay sellers who think I am making up my stories about PayPal problems. I would fly to California with a lawyer just to prove your point.TAKE ALL PAPERS WITH YOU. They have almost $10,000 of mine and I still had to fill my orders to stay in good standing with my customers.

My account has a chargeback of 1,220.00. Also, there is the other important factor where the overnight interest rate and principal amount will vary every day and all of PayPal’s “offshore accounts” are NOT included!

It is quite clear to me and to many consumers (and my brick and mortar bank who has been on 3-way calls with PayPal regarding fraudulent activity on my account) that PayPal is rife with security and organizational issues that prevent this company from providing a basic level of effective customer service (this is an indicator of a dying service-based entity). Jack Schafer. Keep in mind that with all credit card payments you are getting a loan and there are risks associated with that. Until today September the 10th, I have not received the funds. I’m still waiting for my money.

Terrible Experiences with PayPal.PayPal will randomly hold transfers to your bank account for unknown number of days making it nearly impossible to plan and budget for a small business.The last hold they placed was supposed to be for 72-hours.

Garbage, absolute garbage. You get better pricing when you order more. Really? There's no cost to send invoices; when receiving payments from your customers, you pay 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction.

It was evident that the seller was deceptive, PayPal required me to send the drone back…so I did and supplied a tracking number.

After sitting on hold forever the customer service agent spent 15 minutes asking questions before saying he had to speak with the cardholder.

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