[3] Dr. Dani kisses Nico Careles after Marshall Pittman dies in a plane crash. Run by Logan & Morgan. to see one of his own problems with addiction. Dani has a relationship with the team's athletic trainer, Matt Donnally, but tries to keep it secret from both the team and her children. He helps his teammate Rex come out of the closet.
Dani giving back Nico's dollar (legally, he has to pay something for therapy even though he can't really tell her much) because he doesn't need a therapist, he needs a friend. Owens himself plays a guest character in the series named Maurice "The Minefield" Manningfield, a defensive rival of King. and moves onto a new client, whom Matt wants to replace T.K. T.K.
He was impressed with Donnally. Matt also tries to look out for T.K. Dani/Nico fluff, no spoilers. After Juliette Pittman sells the Hawks to the new ownership, they reassigned Donnally and they hired a new GM who is abrasive, but has an impressive track record of winning 4 championships. He eventually becomes the GM when Marshall Pittmans' daughter inherits the team. Author: brokenrootsWord Count: 1,827Rating: PG-13Pairing: Nico/Dani (could probably be considered just friendship, though)Spoilers: up to 1x05.Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. [4] T.K. And then I did some…Other things.”“What kind of other things?””Classified things.”. Written from Nico's POV, but in third person. [5] Pittman uses Nico to spy on the team to bug the team and Dr. Dani, but instead Nico bugs Pittman and learns that Pittman has serious problems, forcing Pittman to seek treatment in the midst of his divorce from his wife. ; he ends going into rehab. 's medication, including a "flush" (which pushes medications out of the system, hiding his drug use in a drug test). Going to the Hamptons. I just break things.Summary: There are patients. FY NR TAGS LIST Official NR Twitter Scott Cohen's Twitter ← 27 of 33 → NR fanfiction update. She glared over the bar at a nice, heavy bottle of Bombay gin.

is based partly on NFL receiver Terrell Owens, who went by the nickname T.O., and has often been criticized and complimented for his brashness on and off the field. Or if you can submit posts into the queue for approval here. Except you. while he is in rehab. Vivica Stevens (Jaime Lee Kirchner) is a reporter that T.K.

Coach Tom Wizinski (David Andrews) is the new head coach and GM for the Hawks. goes into a downward spiral and she advises the team to do an intervention for T.K. Troy Cutler (David Anders) is Connor's second-in-command at V3. What is it you do exactly? Occurs again in season 2 for similar reasons - he's trying to be a friend to Marshall by getting Marshall help, but he can't/doesn't want anyone, probably Marshall, to know. Dani has convinced him that he grown so much that he no longer needs her guidance. Juliette Pittman (Danielle Panabaker) is the daughter of Marshall Pittman. Donnally later quits the Hawks and becomes the GM for Boston and also becomes an expecting father with reporter Noelle Saris.[4]. T.K. Dani accepts his offer. Then she gets a mysterious call to take a limo, which takes her to the V3 office. A tumblog dedicated to Dr. Dani Santino & Nico Careles from USA Network's original series Necessary Roughness. Dr. Dani Santino is a tough divorcée who, to make ends meet, becomes the therapist for a professional football team and quickly becomes sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians and those living in the spotlight. Angela Romano (Concetta Tomei) is Dani's mother, and a gambler.

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