Plan ahead - Research online & make a list, Shop Smart - Download our product finder app to minimise time spent in store. Great soil is rocks that have broken down over millennia, mixed with air, water and organic matter which supports not only the plants in it, but the incomprehensibly vast world of living organisms which work there symbiotically. Avoid shopping in groups, Physical Distancing - Maintain 1.5m between yourself & others. Soil, to me, is the living breathing skin of our planet. Please choose a optionACTNSWNTQLDSATASVICWAOutside Australia One of the German Frauleins (don’t ask) is seen here scattering the Seamungus pellets over the soil at the rate recommended to me by Vince from Neutrog. How did you hear about the Pooh Bah Club? Even the simple act of putting out some fertiliser and seeing the results a few weeks later, is a great feeling. Dr Uwe suggests planting Winter Herbs and fertilising with Seamungus.

Own it now, pay later. These types of herbs are great for winter, because they tend to not be all that attractive to insects or things like snails and slugs. Whether growing organically or not, the rigorous ACO certification process Seamungus is subject to, gives confidence that each tonne of Seamungus maintains a consistently high standard. All of the reviews read exceptionally well and it ticked all my boxes of sustainable practices. FROM: $8.99 SET YOUR STORE. Most importantly, the resultant product retains the microbiology necessary for a 'living' product. Seaweed contains a number of naturally occurring growth stimulants – fantastic for promoting plant and root growth and development.
Seamungus uses freshly harvested seaweed compared to some other brand which uses seaweed powder. Seaweed contains naturally occurring growth stimulants along with a huge range of other essential elements – its ability to aid in the protection of plants from heat stress and frost is well documented. Gyganic is a premium organic based, chemically boosted complete fertiliser with the full range of nutrients in an organic form, coupled with boosted levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium. Seamungus will help your plants resist heat, drought and frost, along with pests and disease.

To find out more, please refer to our, Retains up to 70% of own weight in moisture, Increases resistance to heat, stress and frost, Click & Collect your purchase in-store or we'll deliver it to you, Zip pay is now available to purchase products online. It contains the full range of plant nutrients in a natural form. Hi Graham, winter is here and often people either don’t know what to plant or can’t really be bothered to put something into their garden at this time of the year. Seaweed contains a number of naturally occurring growth stimulants – fantastic for promoting plant and root, as well as growth and development. And yes you do get a great sense of joy when you see your seedlings doing well or that lemon tree which was neglected over summer springing back to life now that it has been given some TLC. Seamungus is available at Bunnings, other hardware outlets and of course good nurseries. Neutrog Seamungus 10kg ; Neutrog Seamungus 10kg. Retains moisture. Check out their site to get a feel for the approach, products and services. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? Even just sitting there in the sun doing some weeding, your mind is at peace and you notice things like the bulbs pushing up, and you really appreciate that nature is just getting on with the job. Select a State All of the reviews read exceptionally well and it ticked all my boxes of sustainable practices. Following extensive trials by members, Gyganic for Fruit and Citrus is now recommended by the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia. Really – our trees are incredibly healthy, having been pruned by Geoff Brookes, expert orchardist. I spent quite a few hours over the Easter period doing all the jobs that needed to be done - weeding, raking up leaves and fertilising. Pellet form. Neutrog’s Dr Uwe Stroeher talks about the health benefits of gardening and gives his recommendation for organic fertilisers to use on your fruit trees, vegetables and gardens. About Seamungus – Seamungus is a soil and plant conditioner, combining the very best composted raw materials – seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. $20.40. So even if it rains and it’s wet outside, they survive much better than your lettuce or spinach which can literally disappear overnight once the snails find them. Please Select OneFacebookInstagramNeutrog WebsiteNeutrog NewsletterRadio AdPrint AdStaff TrainingGarden Talk or ShowWord of MouthGoogle SearchOther
So, I have a fair grasp about the danger this virus poses, and I can assure people, gardening is very safe for any age group. Whereas most of the rest of my garden gets Seamungus at this time of the year. Neutrog Australia Pty Ltd 288 Mine Road, Kanmantoo, South Australia 5252 . Seamungus is an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) product. Before taking up the mantle as research and development manager at Neutrog, I spent about 30 years working on human bacterial and viral diseases. Seamungus undergoes a unique composting process, specifically developed to stabilise the nutrients, maximise nutrient availability and to ensure the product is free of any parasites, pathogens and weed seeds. Be the first to review this product . I can see myself this weekend sitting in my garden having a cuppa or perhaps a nice glass of wine, and just enjoying what nature has to offer. How did you hear about the Pooh Bah Club? Know what you’re starting with. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. Find out more about Seamungus at Gyganic for Fruit and Citrus was specifically developed to enhance fruit size, quality and taste. Whilst Seamungus contains a wide range and good levels of plant nutrients, it is perhaps the additional unique properties contained within seaweed that provide the catalyst for providing higher yields of sustained quality. Relaxing in your garden is a great stress reliever in these difficult times.How very true, even the Doc recommends gardening as an activity which is safe, stress relieving and enjoyable. Our Metropolitan Melbourne stores will remain open for Trade customers only. Item code: 9315221084007P. Hi Uwe. Seamungus is a health tonic containing seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. Which newsletter would you like to receive? Please note, I love creating my black magic potions of composts, liquid manures, fish extracts and such. Always water in well. The other fantastic thing about herbs is that they are not big feeders, meaning that you can just give them a gentle feed.

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