Fixed an issue with the boss battle for the Paris map that could halt player progression, Removed snap turn and endpoint turning for Vive players that calibrate standing, Fixed a crash that could happen when attempting to find an online match, Fixed an issue where some players were kicked back to the main menu when attempting to find a game, Fixed a case where player icons would not show up in the leaderboards, Fixed a case where leaderboards would not appear to populate (they should populate as players log into the game after the update and check them), Fixed an issue where players using the Nuke power-up in holdout could break the amount of bosses allowed to spawn, VIVE only: Removed snap turn and endpoint turn for VIVE players that calibrate standing. Received the Steam code immediately, for over half the price the game is currently on Humble Bundle, and a quarter of the current Steam price. This update fixes the following:, Killing Floor Incursion Update 1.00.6 Is Now Live, Travel through diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to mysterious catacombs, in order to uncover who or what is behind the Zed menace. We have just shipped an updated for Killing Floor: Incursion on Steam. looking for players i just got vr the other day and bought this game i can not for the life of me find anyone to join i hosted a lobby for over and hour and still nothing. So me and my friend played this last night and beat the Paris level. (Not responding using 700mb of ram) I have..... 1) Verified game cache. Instant Gaming Ltd, St 2611, Langham Place Off Tw, 8 Argyle Street Mongkok, HK - RN 1808100 Way too scary, atleast solo. share a screenshot, make a video, or start a new discussion. Fixed some collision and pathing issues with the new movement system. Revamped Free Move to a physics-based system. Sparrow 1 Jul 8 @ 11:25am Vive cosmos support Thug Life 4 Jul 4 @ 10:30am BUG - Continuous Walking is Broken (1OO) 0 Jul 3 @ 1:22pm Geometry LOD and Anisotropic filtering are at very low levels.
Based on player feedback, players can now have a UI prompt to choose between Teleport movement and freemove when launching KF:I. Killing Floor: Incursion Solid Reticle 6 Sep 22 @ 5:07pm Co-op, Anyone?

Most popular community and official content for the past week. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Fixed an issue with Multiplayer where the in-game Friends List wouldn’t refresh. share a screenshot, make a video, or start a new discussion! We're offering the entire Killing Floor series up as a limited time bundle! What We Are Up To - New Hardware Support and More! Creating your account enables us to deliver you the game you have chosen directly after the end of the giveaway if you are the winner! Fixed an issue where the player could incorrectly teleport themselves into the same location as the "NODE" robot, On PS4, fixed an issue where the Stop Hitting Yourself (Dual-wield Zed limbs) trophy would not unlock correctly (North American PS4 version only), Fixed an issue where players could float in odd areas after teleporting, Fixed an issue where players could fall oddly after walking off ledges, Fixed an issue on the SteamVR version of the title where the player’s controllers may not be detected correctly if the controllers were turned off while starting the game, and turned on after reaching the title screen, Farmhouse: Smoothed out stair collision in the farmhouse environment for better character movement, Fixed an issue in the Farmhouse map where health kit could levitate during the boss fight in the coop mode, Fixed numerous collision issues in Catacombs where players or Zeds could get stuck, Fixed an issue in Catacombs where players could get glitch through rocks at the start of the map to avoid the boss fight, Fixed an issue in Catacombs where Zeds can float-walk to the player if player’s stand on one of the island platforms, Fixed an issue in the Catacombs Area where framerate was affected, Fixed numerous collision issues in Paris where players or Zeds could get stuck, Fixed numerous collision issues in Biotics where players or Zeds could get stuck, Fixed an issue in Biotics boss fight where players could fall out of world during the elevator ride, Fixed an issue in Biotics boss fight where players couldn't teleport on the top level gantry walkway, Fixed numerous collision issues in Crucible Holdout where players or Zeds could get stuck.

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