Jessica then tells him to give McGann what he wants, notifying him that he would receive his financial compensation for it. The former Attorney is trying to sue Chicago, Keri is the reason he was fired after she found that he was cheating people out of liabilities—sometimes children. Nick is initially hesitant as it is a bad neighborhood, but eventually agrees to do so.

Social Media and Attraction Marketing Coach. Jessica tells Derrick that he shouldn't go behind Novak's back only for Derrick to reply that it would be good for Novak. Keri goes to Chuck with Jessica's plan and it succeeds, with the police contract officially being signed. The next morning, Jessica is at her apartment when she receives a phone call from Jeff, discussing the message he had left her.

As Jessica leaves, she is confronted by Tyler, Cramer's son, although Tyler is quickly subdued by Nick. Jessica opens up to Nick. With his two best associates gone and Jessica back in Chicago, Specter and the team try to adjust to a new normal without them. Jessica claims that she is surprised he can wait for her, believing that his job was to be available to the mayor 24/7, although he replies that he has some autonomy.

While she and Gerald talked, Harvey walked in.

Accompanied by Maddy O’Regan on the fiddle, they bring to life tales of the past and express the beauty and heartbreak of the world today. Jessica then threatened McGann to cease his building plans, warning him that as a federal housing project, the judge and jury in the trial would not be from Chicago and therefore not in his pocket. Jessica asks her what she would do if she said she worked for the mayor, and she replies that if she did, she would say Jessica and the mayor could both go to hell, stating that the mayor's child has a school to go to whereas if City Council has the low-income schools shut down, her child would not. Angela believes a gang known as the Four Corners Marquette may have information on Carl, and Jessica immediately heads out to locate them. Jessica tells Nick that she won't need a ride home from him tonight and goes to Jeff, kissing him. At City Hall, Derrick and Keri have a meeting with the other workers, where they explain that Novak has taken the day off work for personal reasons, with Keri being left in charge of the day-to-day. Betsy notifies Jessica that growing up, she was made aware of her privilege, learning ballet while lower-income people across the boulevard were being hit with bullets, chalking her decision up to guilt or a desire to perform community service. After Jessica moved to Chicago, she took strictly pro bono cases for a while until eventually handling a police brutality case against the mayor's office, exacting a $4 million settlement. Stephanie breaks while asking for help with the speech, and reveals she knew about her husband’s affair all along. His anger towards Jessica and his hatred of Harvey initially prompted him to side with Daniel when he returns to the firm, until Louis learns the full extent of Daniel's actions. Louis is angered by Jessica's favoritism of Harvey, and often questions her decision to promote Harvey to senior partner over him. He informs her that he wants Novak to appoint his friend, Betsy Sullivan, to take the empty alderman seat in the 54th ward, which had been vacated following Deborah Coates' resignation. At City Council, Angela attempts to talk about being evicted although she is ordered to leave. This has led to comments such as Daniel Hardman calling them "The Three Stooges".

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