HOLY FUCK. It may be difficult to watch but the flood of empathy you feel as he performs this act of self mutilation for self preservation is an unbelievable level. Boyle does not hide this from you, it is in full view as the final, most important cut is made. However, most of you might not know that this is based on a book based on the true story of Aron Ralston- and that the movie is 99.9% accurate, according to Ralston himself.

How do you think about the answers? Tragedy befalls happiness and self discovery in Aron’s 127 hours, and for the viewer the film is an incredible journey with a man with such a great force of will it will have you believing in the unstoppable capabilities of the human mind and body.

(THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD)  Aron Ralston was climbing in the Blue John Canyon region of the U.S.  where he came across a crevice. This captivating story is based on a true story in which Aron Ralston had to amputate his right arm to survive his mountainous ordeal in a slot canyon. Man, that movie would rock. Hey Caliber, if you’re looking for a really good film based on a true story, check out Catch Me If You Can. 127 Hours.

In the end, Aron stated the movie was extremely accurate, and that he only agreed to it if it was made accurately.

ps. Using his video camera he is more than happy to share his adventure, and how his pace will be faster than the map assumes it to be, or how even a nasty fall from his bike is simply a token moment for a picture. Also, women should allow him to touch their boobies whenever, where ever.

Aron faces the decision to choose life, at any cost, or to die alone on the mountain; with the hope that someone will find his body. When Aron Ralston (James Franco) left his home on a Friday evening he planned on a weekend of carefree mountain climbing. In front of our eyes, thanks to the perfect performance by Franco, we see Aron change. It’s awesome to see his mind working as he lays out everything he has, weighing his options. I still get goosebumps, and a slight case of the shivers, when I recall the final minutes of this film.

Combining avante-garde techniques with the standard continuity style of filmmaking Boyle is able to capture both the physical challenges Aron faces as well as the changing mind state of the character as the hours pass. The third day I tried sawing through my arm to no avail. This is probably the greatest aspect of the film, the ability to pull you in and basically put that boulder on top of your arm.

As well as no matter how difficult the situation appears Aron never gives up. So, his body should have just then exploded with extra muscle, a long, thick maine of awesome 80’s metal hair, and a perma-boner that’s at least 10 inches. The first of those two; 127 Hours.

Not only are they rated by just how widely known they are, but just how close they stick to the actual occurrence of events. Another aspect of the movie that makes it fun, is while watching the film, you try to think about what you’d do in this situation.

( Log Out /  The need for another person is unbeknownst to Aron, he has his video camera to capture the memories and has told no one of where exactly he is going. https://t.co/tJUlDY6LJT, Here’s my latest from @TheYoungFolks ‘6 books to read if you’re obsessed with HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ https://t.co/TeX5bHvRWr, Copyright 2020 The Young Folks.

His arm became lodged between a large boulder and a canyon wall, trapping him for roughly 5 days. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!


Lately, I've been obsessed with this movie 127 Hours, starring James Franco, simply put--about the guy who chops his arm off in order to stay alive. Constantlly asking you if you’d be doing the same thing, if you were in the same moment.

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