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She is the keeper of the Crystal Heart, which she wears around her neck, and the only guardian of The Land of Ice. Her hair is wavy with curls instead of shaggy like her father's. Batman arrived later and soon spotted the Ice Princess, he then raced to her rescue.

It can therefore be inferred that the Ice Princess was probably related to someone very wealthy and very important, which might also explain why The Penguin and The Poodle Lady, who both lived in the sewer, felt so little about kidnapping her and executing her death. However, apart from being extremely naïve, she was also incredibly beautiful, curvaceous, bubbly, and sexy, and had, until her fatal kidnap, apparently breezed through life without needing any intelligence. Ice Princess made Ice King even cry because of her cold responses.

He even got her to smile and got her blessing to use the Crystal Heart. She wears a small gold tiara with red gems and a neck band encrusted with a single blue gem in the center.

Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Ice Princess is a young girl with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. The Ice Princess was then moved to an abandoned firetrap owned by Max Shreck and bound to a chair where she would be plainly visible though windows by Batman when scaling rooftops.

Catwoman preventing Batman from saving The Ice Princess.

Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. She also seems to like shopping for stuff, as hinted that she has one of Moneybags' remote shops in her tomb. She is in love with Hinata (Marceline) and owns an apprentice diary called "Marceline Love Diary".


Fionna and Cake Fan Fiction Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Unlike her father who uses his beard to fly she can actually fly because of the hair of Gunter she has inside of her. She is not evil, and disapproves of her father's habit of kidnapping princesses. They're beautiful, graceful, and icy cold.

She is the second-born daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, the younger sister of Elsa the Snow Queen, and the contemporary ruler of Arendelle.

Practical like Teddy? Queen sisters. It's only implied that she's the only one who can use the Crystal Heart and all of its powers by extension. Adventure Time Fan Ficton Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She is the dream world counterpart of Marissa Electricidad.

Finn and Ice Princess have no romantic relationship at all and consider each other as friends. Ice Princess (often being called IP or Icey) is the princess of the Ice Kingdom and the daughter of the Ice King. After she mistook Batman's Super-Batarang, stolen by Ratty Poodle during the Red Triangle gang's fight with Batman, for a camera, the Ice Princess proudly posed for a picture at the Penguin's request.

Gothamites rejected Cobblepot, after he opened fire on the crowd the GCPD chased him back to the sewer. The main application of Ice Princess' powers are the large icy lightning bolts she shoots at her opponents. They didn't develop much of a relationship past Max recognizing her from her real world counterpart Marissa. Not much is known about the Princess--not even her name.

Ice Princess

She is good friends with Finn and Jake. Cristi Conaway Guest. She appeared to be visibly irritated with the various people trying to advise her on the instructions for lighting the tree. NatIonal Bank of Gotham She has lustrous makeup on to add to her ice motif. Her ice powers likely comes from her real life counterpart always being cold.

K-Pop Celebrities You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out They Never Dated. Ice Princess wanted to attack her first but because PB asked why she wanted to do that Icey explained it to her. She wears white leggings and white shoes. Neutral Further than that they get along well.

Unlike her father who uses his beard to fly she can actually fly because of the hair of Gunter she has inside of her.

Unfortunately, that happy occasion was interrupted by the Red Triangle Gang's rampage on Gotham Plaza. Guest Nov 18, 2017 01:27 am Jessica and Krystal!! Alignment: Being a princess, the Ice Princess can be a bit too selfish when it comes to keeping warm.

Batman followed, but when he got to the roof, Catwoman was nowhere to be seen. Female Species:

Ice Princess and Jake don't seem to get along well with each other, unlike she does with Finn. She also foolishly chose to stay on a perilously high ledge after Catwoman had left her there, instead of doing the smart and easy thing, which would have been to hop off onto the roof. This may be due to her generally isolated life in the Land of Ice, due to her upbringing, or the idea that she is meant to have an 'icy exterior' due to her powers. After Spyro was able to light up the boilers, the princess gave him a Light Gem as thanks for making her happy (also because that she won't need it anymore, since she thought the Gem was a portable heater).

But behind that immaculate facade, Grace Kelly was a mischievous maverick with a passion for saucy jokes, says the secretary who served her for 19 years. Another common use of his Ice Powers is the Ice Princess' ability to fly.

She thinks of her father like an old creep but still has some personality from him, like when Icey created a new Ice Age because she lost her temper. Jake still doesn't trust her because she is the daughter of the Ice King, who is evil. Cobblepot then kidnapped her and left the bloody weapon in the tent and thus, framed Batman for her kidnapping. Unlike Flame Princess, she has a friendly relationship with her father and only has small arguments.


This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Batman Returns. Ice Princess (often being called IP or Icey) is the princess of the Ice Kingdom and the daughter of the Ice King. Ice Princess (often being called IP or Icey) is the princess of the Ice Kingdom and the daughter of the Ice King. It is conformed that the Ice Princess' powers are far greater than her father's as shown when she almost created another Ice Age. Top 4 Best K-Pop Collaboration Products Of 2020; MONSTA X Shownu's Shower Routine; The Secret To How IU Maintains Her Scent; Kings Of K …

Ice Princess' appearance bears much resemblance to a younger Ice Queen from the fan-fiction story of the Ice King. She was very happy when she was saved by her. She was very happy when she was saved by her.

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