In "Speed Demon", set fifty years into an alternative future and with the Girls themselves having gone missing, HIM managed to gain control of the entire planet including Townsville which in turn, resulted in his powers becoming great and during a fight against the Girls he was able to withstand the full force of their attacks, receiving little or no damage in the process, demonstrating his strength. HIM is a sinister, demonic villain who loves nothing more than chaos and destruction. After the battle between Mina Harper and Mimi is over HIM arrives on scene, explaining to Vlad the Count that as per their contract the Count's castle is his. Bubbles then ends up realizing his identity, but by that point, Octi has grown gigantic, and he goes to destroy Townsville, or according to HIM's words, "the world". HIM is basically the personification of evil itself, and therefore, the secondary antagonist of The Powerpuff Girls.

Koala Bats | Unlike Mojo and Fuzzy, the girls did not attack HIM, suggesting that either they know what a threat he is, or that they suspected that he was innocent based upon their encounters with Mojo and Fuzzy. Powers/Skills Using a microphone in a mysterious way which is purposefully never explained, he speaks to her through Octi.
before bursting into flames and disappearing. Whimsical Willy | It is implied that he may be Satan, due to his cross-dressing attire, but he is so sinister, so evil, so horribly vile that his real name "can never be said", though it is possible that the name "HIM" comes from "His Infernal Majesty". As it turns out today is Mimi's birthday and Jeff suggests that they take the rest of the day off to celebrate. Aku however sees through Him correctly guessing that he's trying to form a alliance now that he's got Mandy mad at Him. Robber Barron | However, he was eventually defeated by the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume, three super heroines who resemble the Powerpuff Girls Z. Caveman |

Gothra | Stanicorn | The Powerpuff Girls themselves are often unsure how to fight him as well. Blob King | So it was strange for me to realize that people might see HIM as transgender. Fashion Victim | Super villain Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. He is one of the most powerful adversaries of The Powerpuff Girls, as well as one of their crueler opponents. Mojo the Kid | What I think of as Santa boots over cloven hooves others see high-heeled, thigh-high boots.

Hunson is able to convince HIM to throw the party on the condition that male strippers are present for Mimi and that she's ready and rested for tomorrow's assignments. He is able to call them back at will, change the speed at which they move, communicate to his victims, and can view the memories of whoever or whatever was affected by his particles. Chelsea | When Vlad states that he never signed a contract Him corrects himself, showing that Mina signed the contract. It is also revealed that he can alter his own voice at will, changing from feminine and chirpy to masculine and angry in just a few seconds depending on his moods. To this end Him states that if Junior comes to work for him as his protege he will teach him how to harvest the power of this unstoppable beast and give him even more power beyond his wildest dreams, but above all else he'll have his sister back. (Brick | Duchess Morbucks | Unfortunately Him calls her threat, biting the end off of her gun, asking exactly what she intends to do. Him's main power is the ability to unleash evil black particles. Destroy Townsville.Put the Powerpuff Girls in an insane state and take over the world. Outside of his psychopathic, bitter and domineering nature, he is generally very flamboyant, always speaking in an echoing effeminate falsetto, which changes as he gets angrier into a deep, masculine and commanding voice that can turn into monstrous growl. When Aku arrives in the hot-springs she's completely naked, prompting Him to flirt with her. His only known weakness is his hatred of cold temperatures. He has three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy pink cheeks, and black lips, very often in a wide smile. Unicorn Annihilator | He is undoubtedly the most powerful villain of all, as other villains envy him and even Mojo Jojo, the most persistent of the villains, feels uneasy around him. Type of Villain While the three of them are in Him's office Hunson learns from Jeff that today is Mimi's birthday. Powerpuff Girls Z Him is not a crossdresser, but his effeminate manners remain. In Team Heart Power (The Powerpuff Girls) Played By Jester (Devil May Cry) In The Powerpuff Rodents (400Movies Style) he is played by Cat R. Waul.

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