Without hesitation the battery commander, Captain Comi, opened fire at minimum elevation ... handling his massive 149s as if they were machine guns. According to the 2/48th Battalion diary: At approx 2000 hours enemy tanks–number unknown– and inf attacked D Coy front. References: Mussolini has given explicit orders that Italy's forces were to reach the city first. The 5th Panzer Regiment, under Colonel Gerhard Mueller, destroys more than forty British tanks. Bn. David Aldea is also the co-author of 5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands (Leo Cooper, 2003) and has written numerous articles, including “Blood and Mud at Goose Green” (Military History Magazine, April 2002). Churchill, disappointed at the failure of the British counterattacks, decided that Auchinleck must go. Among the casualties were two company commanders. This movie gets lots of action , crossfire , gunplay and explosion . The Afrika Korps had been successfully fighting their way ever closer to the Egyptian border. The remaining part of the Celere was also isolated.

23 Oct-4 Nov 1942 General Bernard Montgomery launched a diversionary British attack in the south , aiming to draw Axis forces into the area so that the main attack in the north could cut two corridors through the extensive minefields , enabling British armoured divisions to pass through and exploit the gaps . "The attack began on 17 July at 2.30 am. From the speech of historian Peter Stanley: What turned out to be the final British Commonwealth attack in July was to be launched against Axis troops on Sanyet el Miteiriya – known as “Ruin Ridge” from the remains of a building on its crest – a low stony rise running roughly east-west.
The failure of British armour to reach the infantry in time results in the loss of 800 men. Field Marshal: The Life and Death of Erwin Rommel, Daniel Allen Butler, p. 352, Casemate, 2015, "Il contrattacco sviluppato da un battaglione di secondo scaglione della divisione «Trieste» e da un battaglione della «Trento», era riuscito ad impedire il dilagare della penetrazione, con la cattura di 500 prigionieri e stroncando ogni ulteriore possibilità di avanzata nemica verso ovest." Green and white signal flares curled up from the German tanks as they drove forward. He was also hampered by supply issues particularly fuel. The 8th Army is now completely exhausted, and by 31 July General Auchinleck orders an end to offensive operations in favor of strengthening the defense lines to be able to meet any future counter-offensive. Vain Axis Assault Fires Desert Night by Richard D. McMillan We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. One battalion from 9th Australian and two battalions from the 50th British Divisions were to seize the ridge. Folgore preparing to fire artillery during the first battle of El Alamein. An effort had been made to hinder the enemy armored vehicles by bringing Arty fire to bear on them before they dispersed. They took the hint and went — and didn’t come back."

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