Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz was born on September 29, 1904, in Bremen, Germany.

In the twentieth century, during the German occupation when the Danes again needed help in restoring their national, Grundtvig’s ideas proved their enduring significance. Unlike so many in Nazi-occupied Europe, most Danes saw themselves as human beings linked to others through a shared humanity, not as individuals inhabiting a world divided into “us” and “them”. The story of the Danish Jews is sui generis, and the behavior of the Danish people unique among all the countries of Europe – occupied, allied with the Axis, or neutral. "c�Z��^��=EN�27��-�b�f���I%��� Best was also a member of the Schutzstaffel (SS) – the Nazi party’s paramilitary wing in charge of Germany’s racial policies.

The story of the Danish Jews is sui generis, and the behavior of the Danish people unique among all the countries of Europe – occupied, allied with the Axis, or neutral. Like Grundtvig before him, Koch found in the language of biblical morality the principles of civic virtue. Although the Danish population was allowed to continue as before, not all were happy.

Grundtvig was a man of deep biblical faith with a high level of tolerance and respect for other cultures and religious traditions of the world. The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, The Middle East Conflict, Antisemitism and the Holocaust, Holocaust Remembrance Day Through the Years, The Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project, "I Am My Brother's Keeper". Almost the entire rescue operation was successful – nearly 8000 Jews in Denmark were saved – but there were some failures. Throughout the occupation, the Danish Government insisted there was no “Jewish problem” in Denmark. Why? Jews were allowed to keep their jobs and go about their lives. It was Nikolai F. S. Grundtvig (1782-1873), a remarkably talented and versatile poet, educator, historian, theologian, and Christian humanist, who reinvigorated the Danish spirit of democracy and humanity. Danes began to ask themselves whether or not as a conquered people they could maintain a democratic way of life. We must take action immediately.”. Desperate, he traveled to neutral Sweden on September 22 and began the deal of his life. While the tragedy at the Gilleleje Church was an exception to the “spontaneous” help given to the Jews by the Danes, it is instructive to remember that even in Denmark, where the Holocaust failed, some people forgot that Jews were within the “boundaries of obligation” we owe one another as fellow human beings. He illuminated and emphasized the selfunderstanding Danes held about themselves and about democratic values and ideals in their society. In the first years of German occupation no anti-Jewish legislation was enacted and the situation of the Danish Jews did not change much. These principles prompted certain questions: Am I my brother’s/sister’s keeper? A/T 7*C���rI~ The government discouraged active resistance, fearing violent reprisals against its citizens. He helped people to find, embedded in their biblical roots, universally accepted ideas. The Danes organized themselves … Duckwitz protested, so Best told him to speak to Hitler about it. He was pleased as Germany had signed a Treaty of Non-Aggression with Denmark on May 31, 1939. On September 11, 1943, Best asked Hitler for permission to begin rounding up Danish Jews. Germany wanted to use Denmark as a “model protectorate” to show the world how wonderful it was to be under German rule. endobj On August 28, 1943, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Werner Best, informed the Danish Government that it was declaring a “state of emergency.” Public gatherings of more than five persons were prohibited, as were strikes and financial support for strikers. Why? 97-100.

Duckwitz then warned the Danish resistance and high-ranking members of the Jewish community. Hitler promised to address those issues and vowed to build a mighty empire for all Germans. Danish Resistance during the Holocaust [Guest Publication] Hans Holmskov Schlüter -Copenhagen At the beginning of World War II, the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway declared their neutrality. The king responded by resigning and declaring himself a POW in his own country. It was sent to the German occupation officials and was dispatched, via theological students, on Saturday, October 2, 1943 to all the churches in his diocese. On Sunday, October 3rd, the protest was read aloud in Lutheran churches throughout Denmark. Taxi drivers armed with phone books looked for addresses of Jewish-sounding surnames to drive entire families to safety. Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of 10. We are therefore redirecting you to what we hope will be a useful landing page. Of Denmark’s almost 8,000 Jews, some 7,200 made it to Sweden together with about 700 non-Jews who needed to flee. Nazi Germany wanted to encourage the cooperation of Denmark and knew that singling out the Danish Jews and persecuting them would result in wide opposition. Duckwitz agreed and joined the Nazi Party in 1932. On the night of October 6, 1943, for example, some 80 Jews hiding in the attic of the Gilleleje Church, located in a fishing village north of Copenhagen, were betrayed, arrested and deported.

1 0 obj In the Summer of 1943, sabotage activities, reprisals, strikes and street unrest across Denmark mounted to a high pitch. ��@��j;��w�$�BbZAb(Ɗ�[,.�v����ҫi��cX�]�B��]@P�x�%���B�]����et"�*;���Ҩ��K�VJ�1 ���T�۠x���Vܩ�J ߐ~�WCz����R�Mό�;�Ɗ~M˵�V�ak�O}�g�1��H�-iH����$�ʼ�@QrZ��O���{��I��~!#oE�I� � ����nm�N��_X�~Ew� Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays. endobj He listened to Hitler speaking passionately about the suffering and humiliation of the German people. Every imaginable group protested German efforts to round up the Jews. Most Jews paid their way, while others had their passage paid for by members of the resistance and donations from the Danish public.

Nazi Germany was their patient. Firearms and explosives were confiscated, press censorship was imposed, and Danish special tribunals for dealing with infringements of these prohibitions and regulations were to be established.

On March 21, 1979, Duckwitz was recognized as one of the Righteous Among the Nations.

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