In Oregon, a healthy population of 5,000 was reported in 2006, exceeding a target of 3,000. [20], A coprolite identified as from a cougar was excavated in Argentina's Catamarca Province and dated to 17002–16573 years old. [85], Although it is less specialized than other big cats in predation of crocodilians, a case in Florida was documented in 2008 where a cougar hunted a sub-adult specimen of American alligator 2.69 meters long[86] (the largest registered crocodilian taken by a cougar), which suggests the ability of large cougars to prey on similar sized specimens of the remaining big crocodilian species with which they share habitat in different parts of the Americas (American crocodile, black caiman and Orinoco crocodile). Each additional puma on the landscape increased predation and human-puma complaints by 5%, but each additional animal killed on the landscape during the previous year increased complaints by 50%. They kill by stalking to within 30 feet of their prey before pouncing from its hiding place.

They vary in length from 59 – 108 inches with a tail length of 21 – 36 inches, and height from 23 – 28 inches at the shoulder. Cougars are the largest members of the cat family in Washington.

[48] DNA evidence has suggested its presence in eastern North America,[49] while a consolidated map of cougar sightings shows numerous reports from the mid-western Great Plains through to eastern Canada. The Florida Panther holds a special place in my heart. [68], It is speculated and believed by many that the Western cougar is recolonizing the Eastern cougar's former range in the Northeastern United States, and there is growing evidence that supports this claim, indicating a small but growing population of Western cougars in the Northeastern states, mostly cougars migrating from the Midwestern United States, though possibly also from Canada.

Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan", "Puma concolor – Mountain Lion – Discover Life", "Jaguar Attack on a Child: Case Report and Literature Review", "Food habits of jaguars and pumas in Jalisco, Mexico", "Hyoid apparatus and pharynx in the lion (, "Quantifying the influence of topographic position on cougar (, "Your part in helping endangered species", "Photo shows cougar presence in Michigan", "Cedar Rapids man shoots mountain lion in Iowa County", "Sightings show cougars expanding into central US", "Mountain Lion Confirmed in Rural Greene County", "Mountain lion reportedly spotted roaming Connecticut town", "Mountain Lion killed by car on Connecticut highway", "Jury's still out, but Pike County cougar sighting could be state's third in two months", "First cougar seen in Kentucky since Civil War is killed", Investigación midió por primera vez población de pumas en zona central, "Are there Mountain Lions in Massachusetts? Between one and four new individuals entering a population per decade markedly increases persistence, thus highlighting the importance of habitat corridors. The Sacramento Mountain Lions (2010–2012) of the United Football League used the California and southwestern United States regional name of the species. "[123][124][125], Regulated cougar hunting is still common in the United States and Canada. A high level of genetic similarity has been found among North American cougar populations, suggesting they are all fairly recent descendants of a small ancestral group. Committed to innovation, quality, style and affordability, Keystone’s Cougar brand sells more mid-profile fifth wheels and luxury travel trailers than any other brand. Females reach sexual maturity around 2.5 and males around 3 years. Detailed research into attacks prior to 1991 showed that 64% of all victims – and almost all fatalities – were children. Its powerful forequarters, neck, and jaw serve to grasp and hold large prey. [153][154], Predation by cougars on dogs "is widespread, but occurs at low frequencies"[155], The grace and power of the cougar have been widely admired in the cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. "[109], Life expectancy in the wild is reported at eight to 13 years, and probably averages eight to 10; a female of at least 18 years was reported killed by hunters on Vancouver Island. [103] Research in New Mexico has shown that "males dispersed significantly farther than females, were more likely to traverse large expanses of non-cougar habitat, and were probably most responsible for nuclear gene flow between habitat patches. Internally designated T-7, the first-generation Cougar shared its chassis with the 1967 revision of the Ford Mustang.

Unfortunately, many people were excited at the chance to shoot it. This finding indicates that cougar and the parasite existed in South America since at least the Late Pleistocene. Since 1950 pumas have been eliminated from the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and West Virginia. [35] Cougars appear better than jaguars at exploiting a broader prey niche and smaller prey.

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