Sound familiar? But before delving into that, let us look into the very basis of constructive feedback, what it should reflect, and how to prepare yourself before providing it to the employees.

When you're straightforward, it's easier for the person you're talking to to understand precisely the behavior they should continue to exhibit.

If not, you run the risk of greatly watering down your remarks, causing employees to lose focus of which specific behaviors are ones worth congratulating. However, there are quite a few going out with careless typos – can you please spend a little extra time proofreading to make sure nothing gets overlooked?’. Karrie Lucero is a Content Marketing Manager at Xactly. We hope the above examples serve as a guiding light on how constructive feedback should be delivered! Being your manager, I really like to see you all working hard to meet your goals. Is there a reason why? Identify strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and teams as a whole. However, there are times when employees may not recognise this, and you may have to point this out to them. Constructive feedback should be delivered on the back of empathy. If Jane has been doing a great job at helping new starters, for example, you could say something like: ‘Jane, I can see great leadership skills in you – you’ve set time aside to train and assist new starters when you didn’t have to. Let’s say Jane has been scatty and careless over a certain period of time – you could ask to have a private chat: ‘Jane, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been yourself recently and I’ve seen the effect through your work. This is important because they should now be motivated to apply your main points to their everyday activities.

Give feedback immediately after the event prompting the feedback, as soon as time allows. While it might be more difficult to pinpoint positive behavior in certain employees, it's an activity worth your time.

Do not hesitate to voice your opinions as everyone is entitled to their own and even if there occurs a mistake, your team will be there to help you in every way possible.”. Using the employee lifecycle as your roadmap to employee engagement, Reinventing Work to Win in the New Normal and Beyond, 10 Ways to Minimise Interviewer Bias During Recruitment, Re-imagining Workplaces in the New Normal, Positive Psychology during the Times of Pandemic, How a Seasoned HR Professional Can Help a Startup Scale Its Human Resources Function, 8 Actions Every Manager Needs to Take to Keep Employees Accountable. So, verify the desired behavior continues, and doesn't change or drop off once positive feedback is received. A constructive feedback example about behavior is, “When you talk over Pam in the meetings, you’re making the women on the team feel less comfortable speaking up.” As opposed to, “You’re really rude to people, and it’s dragging down the team.” Instead, provide solid advice that will help them avoid making the same mistake again in the future: ‘Despite your efforts, this response does need some reworking. Giving positive feedback might seem simple on the surface, but you'll often find it's not always easy to praise employees or sales people in ways that will leave lasting impressions. If so, you need to call them out, but be careful as you’ll essentially be walking on eggshells when you do this.

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