Likewise, you won't find a Canadian Tire here, but you have the amazing Décathlon for sports gear, and specialised shops for the rest. At this stage, you can also work out how much unemployment benefit you are likely to receive.

I've been caught several times with an empty pantry on a Sunday morning. You are unable to meet your own necessary living expenses or those of members in your household, either by working or with help from others. In Germany, your Canadian driver's license is valid for 6 months after taking up residence there, but you need to carry it with a certified translation or an international driver's license. This can be done online on the Federal Employment Agency’s website. They offer advice for free, and get paid a commission no matter which insurance you pick. Landlords usually ask for your last 3 pay slips, but my work contract sufficed.

The German economy lacks specialists, and demographic change will increase the shortage. For furniture, IKEA is still king. Your case will then be considered; if you are eligible to receive the benefit you will receive a notification with a schedule of payments in the post. If you want to bring your money over from Canada, I highly recommend TransferWise. Now that you are on this side of the Atlantic, there is still a bit of work left for you.

I fell in love with the city, Germany and Europe, and thus vowed to return. Note that if you turn down job offers or any training / further education made available to you, your benefits payments can be reduced or stopped altogether. In Germany, health insurance is mandatory, and not being insured is illegal. According to OECD data based on 2017, three quarters of people aged 15 to 64 in Germany had a paid job, well above the OECD employment average, and the unemployment rate was just 3.4%.

Removed the part about GEMA.

A shared living apartment is called a WG (vay-gay), an abbreviation for Wohngemeinschaft. MS in Canada vs MS in Europe .

You will receive a letter of confirmation in the post, usually within two weeks. You will need a German app store account to get your carrier's voicemail and cellphone usage apps, among others. In order to get a German work visa, you need a job offer from a sponsoring company. Aside from restaurants, everything is closed on Sundays. Finding a place to live is one of the hardest part of moving to Germany.
Don't forget to get liability insurance. I also wrote a comparison of German banks for expats so you can pick the best one for your needs. If you are moving, you will probably bring more luggage, in which case a direct flight will save you a lot in luggage fees. These career coaches help expats land their dream job and assist companies with their newly-arrived employees in Germany. Otherwise, you might get signal, but no 3G or 4G.

In Berlin, your appointment can be several months in the future.

I have written an article that describes the process. It's nearly free, and it's far more pleasant than wire transfers.

To reduce reliance on unemployment benefit II, parents can also apply for the supplementary child allowance (Kinderzuschlag). I do not have specific bank recommendations, but make sure you can get English service online and at your local branch. In order to open a bank account in Germany, you will need to be registered as a resident.

Telecom in Europe is radically different from in Canada, so I think it deserves its own section. In need of tax advice or tax services in Germany? There are some cultural differences when it comes to renting in Germany. It amounts to 8-9% of your income tax and it goes to your religious community. The prospects of landing a job are fair in both Germany and Canada. Before you leave Canada, you must remember to shut down all of your services, including: The best way to do this is to look at your bank statements from the last few months. Find out about business structures, licences, taxes & start-up grants. Searching for a flat 6000km away when you don't speak the local language is nearly impossible. This is what most sources say, but I was able to create an account at Commerzbank on the condition that I bring them my Meldebestätigung in the next 7 days.

Essentially, it says that you should not have significant ties to Canada (apartment, credit cards, material possessions). All you need is a valid driver's licence and a passport picture.

The amount you receive, and the duration, depends on how long you have been contributing and the salary you received before you became unemployed.

If you already have a nice job offer in Canada, then it comes to personal preference of Germany/Canada. You will likely have to make a trip to the German Consulate in Toronto or Vancouver, even if you live a thousand kilometres from there.

Fortunately, you only need to send a letter to your the registration office.

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