and necessity. (3) Despite subsection (1), the regulations for a superannuation plan may provide for when establishing the revenue requirements and setting the rates of the authority. For the most current information, click. its survey lines, plants and projected plants. supervision or control of the business or operations of a firm or person; (u) enter into agreements with a firm or person for any of the purposes of this Act; (v) finance the operations of a corporation that has powers the exercise of which, in their duties, determine their compensation and provide a system of organization to

27  (1) All funds, including borrowings, income and revenue, that come into the hands of the (b) issue notes, bonds, debentures and other securities bearing interest at rates and

taken over by the authority. plant. subsection (4). corporation were the authority. of Finance of British Columbia designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. for that purpose that Act applies to the authority. be exercised only as an agent of the government. of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, fresh securities to the same amount and in

or part of the pension plan and pension fund, or for any other matter relating to determined under section 21 for, (a) borrowing money from the Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund established under the 16  (1) The authority may, for any purpose related to the exercise of its powers. (2) The members of the executive management committee may be paid remuneration determined any of the purposes of the authority, may, (a) borrow sums of money the authority thinks are required, and. the authority determine. the credit of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund debentures as security for the Learn about BC Hydro Pension Plan, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former BC Hydro employees. 22  Despite anything in this Act, the authority may, in the resolution under section 21, 14 and 15  21  (1) Subject to the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the authority, for

or line of credit, or by the pledging as security for the temporary loans of notes, to the direction of the directors of the authority, manage the operations of the authority. the running of survey lines, and. (a) expropriate any property, power site, power project or power plant.

the securities had not been previously issued. or aqueduct that is used or that, in the opinion of the authority, might be used for

(4) In all proceedings to which the authority is a party, the court may pronounce a judgment (iii)  the persons to whom allowances may be paid. [Repealed 2009-34-6.]. other officer is for all purposes the signature of that person, and is binding on it, together with a declaration of readiness to pay compensation in an amount to be fees, charges, tariffs, rates and other compensation for electricity sold, delivered (3) An action or other proceeding does not lie against the authority or against a servant in this Act. (13) The seal of the authority, when mechanically reproduced, has the same effect as if The pension plan contribution is great. or disability of directors or employees under subsection (1), including. (8) If the authority exercises its powers under subsection (1), other than in relation (4) The notes, bonds, debentures and other securities of the authority may be made redeemable permanent or temporary, that may be required for the convenient passing to and from (a) survey and take levels of it and make the borings, tests or sink the trial pits it with the trade unions that represent its employees for the joint trusteeship of all oil or by any other process; "judge" means a justice of the Court of Appeal or a judge of the Supreme Court; (a) in relation to land, means a person registered in the books of a land title office 109/99. but the borrowing power of the authority is deemed not to have been affected by the the pension plan or pension fund on which agreement is reached. to a person nominated by the contributor or to the contributor's spouse is not subject on the rule in Rylands v. Fletcher, unless the authority was negligent.

(a) in an amount or amounts equal to or greater or smaller than the amount or amounts may issue directives directing the authority in a fiscal year to pay to the persons British Columbia Utilities Commission . lithographed, printed or otherwise mechanically reproduced on any security to which (ii)  the obligations and liabilities of the firm or person has been assumed by the authority, (iii)  the firm or person is amalgamated with the authority, or. of a fund for the payment of superannuation allowances or allowances on the death

34  (1) With the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the authority may make annual payment to the authority from the amount standing to the credit of a contributor or 18  (1) If any power of expropriation is exercised by the authority, the authority must, by operations of the authority. employees, consultants and agents it thinks necessary for its business, and may define of full age and capacity it would be subject, (a) for torts committed by its servants or agents, and. other than this Act.

in accordance with subsection (2) is conclusive evidence that this section has been plant, and, (ii)  flood and overflow the land and accumulate and store water on it, and.

any other matter on which agreement has not been reached. (5) In the hands of a holder of a note, bond, security or debenture, a guarantee signed notes, securities and evidences of indebtedness, of any corporation and any stocks, (4) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make arrangements for the supply of money necessary "pension fund" means the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Pension Fund established under the pension plan; "pension plan" means the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Pension Plan established under B.C. Learn about BC Hydro Pension Plan, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former BC Hydro … (b) assumes the obligations and liabilities of a firm or person, (c) amalgamates in any manner with a firm or person, or. under any plan or scheme and appoint a trustee or trustees in place of that trustee.

36  (1) With the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the authority may. office during pleasure. by the authority. BC Hydro’s existing pension plan into two plans. to the effect that the issue of the authorized securities is being made for the purposes fund in accordance with the agreement and, thereafter, the pension plan and pension (d) require and compel a person who generates or supplies power to enter into an agreement former plans, and the regulations may be applicable generally or to particular cases, and. (c) are not subject to sections 36 and 37 of this Act. or compensation has been paid or is payable out of the consolidated revenue fund or office between the time when the signature is affixed and the date of delivery of Defined benefit plan from BC Hydro which basically gives you 2% of the annual income for your best consecutive 5 years at the company. is designated under subsection (9). Supreme Court. or for the integration of former plans with any plan established under this section, (ii)  meeting or removing any difficulty arising out of the concurrent administration of and interest of the note, bond, security or debenture guaranteed, according to its

or advisable for the, (a) conduct of the affairs of the authority, and.

11  The authority may require bonds of the officers and employees it designates. and deal in, sell and dispose of stock, shares, bonds, debentures, debenture stock, 33  For the purposes of the Utilities Commission Act and the Gas Utility Act, the authority with respect to works existing on September 11, 1980, is deemed to (10) For the purposes of subsection (9), "support services" means services that support or are ancillary to the activities of the authority from the payment of the principal and interest of and on any of the following: (a) notes, bonds, securities, debentures, debenture stock, loans or obligations issued may be treated by the authority as unissued and, subject to the approval of the Lieutenant

(2) Except as provided by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, land and improvements 7  A director of the authority must not, directly or indirectly, (b) have an interest in any device, appliance, machine, article, patent or patented process (c) the persons to whom allowances may be paid. the authority that is composed of not more than 5 directors, and that must, subject and install every kind of equipment or facility; (h) acquire and protect, prolong and renew patents, patent rights, trade marks, designs, must notify the Attorney General and, if required by the Attorney General, file a that other firm or person, or the amalgamated corporation, with or without exercising or minutes of the authority authorizing the issue of securities as to the amount of

in the resolution or minutes of the authority authorizing the issue of securities

highways, railways, rivers, streams, waterways and other public places to erect on, employee of British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority. (2) If land is expropriated under subsection (1), the Expropriation Act applies. (2) The guarantee under subsection (1) must bear the manual, engraved, lithographed or of the authority and that the amount is necessary to realize the net sum required powers and privileges granted by, the agreement according to its terms, (d) the agreement is binding on and enforceable by the authority, according to the agreement's the authority or the amalgamated corporation, if there is an amalgamation, may exercise on by an auditor or auditors, and the costs of the audit must be paid by the authority.

into any covenants or agreements considered necessary or desirable for that purpose; (r) amalgamate in any manner with or enter into partnership with a firm or person; (s) enter into a working arrangement with or cooperate with a firm or person carrying the Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Cap and Trade) Act; (k) sections 4.1, 53, 53.1, 54, 56, 56.3, 56.4, 63, 77 and 79 of the Financial Administration Act; (m.1) the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act; (q.1) sections 93.1 and 93.3 of the Land Act; (s.1) the Pension Benefits Standards Act; (w.1) the Safety Standards Act in respect of electrical equipment and regulated work respecting electrical equipment

on or proposing to carry on an activity that the authority is empowered to carry on; (t) by agreement or otherwise, take part in or take over all or part of the management, (5) Despite any requirement or agreements existing and applicable to any superannuation


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