Blue Sapphire has become particularly popular as an alternative Engagement Ring too! Head Office : 59 Krishna Square II, Backside Celebration Mall,Batala Road,Amritsar, 143001, IndiaEmail :  [email protected] : 9216 11 3377Store Timing : 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The price of some Sapphires ranges from $25 per carat to over $11,000 per carat. Except red. Sapphires can’t always be identified by their color alone. Learn what makes these eight…, How is a faceted gem like a retroreflecting prism? Licensed under CC By 2.0.

The cutting of the stone/ gemstone not only improves the virtue of the gemstone but also cover the inclusions. Generally, the saturation of any stone color will push up the price of the stone. Others consider any red corundum, including pink, which is a light tone of red, to be ruby.

Public Domain. The stones are also very dark, requiring special cutting to show the color. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.  The stone ensures good relationship, confidence, positive attitude. If the clarity, tone, color, and transparency present in the stone which has been purchased, are of good quality, then it can be considered as a good quality of the gemstone. Birthstone by Month - January Birthstone, February Birthstone, March Birthstone, April Birthstone, May Birthstone, June Birthstone, July Birthstone, August Birthstone, September Birthstone, October Birthstone, November Birthstone, December Birthstone, Gemstone by Colour - Blue Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone, Green Gemstone, Red Gemstone, Pink Gemstone, Black Gemstone, Purple Gemstone, Orange Gemstone, Grey Gemstone, Play of colour Gemstones - Gemstone Name, Gemstone List, Certified Gemstones, Natural Gemstone, Gemstone Color, Gemstone Cut, Where to Buy Gemstone, Gemstones for Astrology, Gemstone Benefits, Wear Gemstone for Benefits, Buy Gemstone Online, Precious Stone, Semi Precious Stone, Gemstone Shop in Delhi, Gemstone Dealer, Best Quality Gemstone, Gemstone Name, Know Gemstones, Buy Gemstone in Delhi, Gemstone in Old Delhi, Astrological Gemstones, Gemstone Shop in South Delhi, Gemstone Wholesale, Gemstone in Chandni Chowk Authentic Gemstone Shop, Real Gemstone, Original Gemstone, Gemstone Identification, Gem Testing, Gemstone Hardness, Gemstone Properties, Where Gemsones are Found, Best Gem Stone Mines, Gemstone Substitute, What is Synthetic Gemstone, Gemstone Treatments, Non Treated Gemstone, Un-treated Gemstone, Gemstone Guide, Gemstone Valuation, Gemstone Inclusions, Gemstone Testing Gemstone List - Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Sri Lanka Pukhraj, Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Ceylon Sapphire, Emerald (Panna), Zambian Emerald, Columbian Emerald, Ruby (Manik), Pearl (Moti), South Sea Pearl, Opal, Fire Opal, White Opal, Hessonite Garnet (Gomedh), Diamond (Heera), White Sapphire (White Pukhraj), Peridot, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Amber, Moonstone, Blue Topaz, Yellow Topaz, White Topaz, Golden Topaz, Zircon, Citrine, Turquoise, Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Red Coral, White Coral, Cat’s Eye, Neelam Stone, Pukhraj Stone, Panna Stone, Moonga Stone, Manik stone, Pitambari Stone, Khooni Neelam Gemstone jewelery - Gemstone Ring, Gemstone Pendant, Gemstone Bracelet Astrology - Vedic Astrology, Best Astrologer in Delhi, Famous Astrologer in India, Astrological Consultation, Consult Astrologer, Vedic Astrologer, Astrologer on call, Astrologer appointment, Birth Chart, Kundali, Birthstone, Astrologer online Consultation - Astrological Consultation, Gemstone Advice, Consult Gemologist, Gemologist in Delhi, Gemstone Expert, Gemstone Recommendation, Gem Consultation, Astrologer Consultation, Tips to buy gemstone, Gem Testing Laboratory Gemstone Identification Price - Gemstone Price per Carat, Gemstone price per Ratti, Gemstone at best price, Price in Delhi, Price in India, Moissanite Price Weight - Gemstone Weight, Carat weight, Price per Carat, Price per Ratti, Price per Gram, how many Ratti to wear, Gemstone Weight Converter.

Blue Sapphire is also perfect as side stones or even smaller stones set in a pave halo for rings, earrings, and bracelets. Left, traditional velvety silk inclusions. The largest selection of gemstone articles online... See an extensive selection of articles about birthstones, Fascinating details of ancient gemstones facts and stories, Learn about the healing effects of different gemstones. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is gemstone for Saturn. Deep Blue Sapphire mostly referred to as 'Indraneelam stone'. The major problem with people is they don't even know that they are wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone, every Blue color stone is not a Blue Sapphire Gemstone it can be citrine, or golden topaz or any other blue color stone and if you are wearing such stones you will not get the result.

As per govt. In the certificate, it is clearly mentioned that if the stone is heated, then you won't get the desired result. This walkthrough for a standard round brilliant cut gem includes cutting instructions and pics.…, Amber has a long history of ornamental use and popular associations with animals, energy, and the Sun. For details on these processes and how to distinguish them, see our article on corundum treatments. Australian sapphires tend to have dark colors, although some very fine gems have come from the area. Color is the most important element in estimating the value of blue sapphire. Yellow sapphire is sometimes misleadingly referred to as “Oriental Topaz” or “King Topaz.” Green sapphire is sometimes misleadingly referred to as “Oriental Emerald.” Purple sapphire is sometimes misleadingly referred to as “Oriental Amethyst.” Since these sapphire colors are less well-known, vendors might try to present them as gems more commonly and strongly associated with yellow, green, or purple, for example. An exotic type of sapphire also called the Color Changing Sapphire, displays different colors depending on its lighting. Cubic zirconia (CZ) can be manufactured colorless or in almost any color, so it can simulate not only diamonds but also many colored gemstones. You can learn more about the Logan Sapphire, the Star of India, the Bismarck Sapphire, and other famous sapphires here. This custom-cut, 1.33-ct sapphire from the Umba Valley in Tanzania shows a violet-blue color in daylight. First, you need to purchase the stone, and the stone must be three to six-carat or ratti. An Interview with Sapphire Expert Jeffery Bergman, Sapphire Engagement Ring Guide: Something Blue, Why We Love Montana Sapphires and Yogo Sapphires.  If Saturn planet is your master planet as per your horoscope chart then you should wear the Blue Sapphire. Synthetic gemstones like the sapphires cano be identified and differentiated from natural gemstones because they are too perfect. Is it Heated?

The most valuable attribute of Sapphire is the cornflower blue color, known as Kashmir Sapphire or Cornflower Blue Sapphire. GemSelect's Blue Sapphire is available in Faceted and Cabochon Cuts and as Single Stones, Matched Pairs, and Value Priced Lots!

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone related to the family of corundum. Learn the basics you’ll need to evaluate one of the most popular…, What ruby and sapphire grading tools does a novice gemologist need? At 1.86 cts, this is an unusually large sapphire for Yogo Gulch, Montana. A top quality 1 to 2 carat stone might retail for prices between $800 - $1200 per carat. The tone is another important consideration. Hot pink, oval step-cut Sri Lankan sapphire, 1.055 cts, with a fingerprint (healed fracture) inclusion. This ancient source still produces beautiful sapphires of all colors. Astrological Blue Sapphire Gemstone Online, Neelam Stone Buy Ceylon blue sapphire gemstone at best price for astrological and jewelry use.

There are stones that are original blue sapphire, however, they are heated. Faceted sapphire gemstones (and a few rubies) from around the world, from 0.5 to 5 cts. • Explore a range of gemological tests… not only will you get familiar with the process but also time-saving shortcuts!

There are many frauds and fakers present in the market and they claim that they offer the best quality of gemstones. Lab created Sapphire corundum is a synthetically produced crystal whose with hardness on the Mohs scale that is second to diamond, making it extremely durable. Advantages of Blue Sapphire are reflected in the rewards gained as a result of evolved work values of the person. diameter x depth, Select gems by size, not by weight! An example of this is the long thin mineral inclusions called needles. Another valuable Sapphire type is the very scarce, orange-pink Padparadscha. This means that the quality is too high. © Dan Stair Custom Gemstones. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. © Rob Lavinsky, Natural blue sapphires without noticeable inclusions are rarely found and therefore are really expensive. Unless properly cut, the green will show in the finished stone. The closer a sapphire is pure blue the better, but saturation is also important. Blue Sapphire is a member of the mineral species corundum. Blue Sapphire Ring - For Good Luck and Fortune.

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