#lewandowski Marco had talked to her about it, and she had seen the pictures on the newspaper. Reinier says he tuned in regularly for games in Dortmund while growing up in Brazil, with Reus starring alongside the likes Aubameyang and Lewandowski. ", Chelsea rolled her eyes, " Carole, come on! He was a newcomer last season but now he feels in Leipzig like at home. The 18-year-old joined BVB in August on a two-year loan until June 2022, just six months after joining Real Madrid from Flamengo. #football

"Which happens to be very handsome," Carole shot, looking at her friend.

One-year deal for Maxim As you may know, Bayern won the Champions League trophy in August.

Robert Lewandowski is the... #bayern He scored, The Belgian is yet to make an appearance for Madrid this season, having suffered a muscle injury in the same way he came close to returning from an ankle problem.

Absolutely exceptional Choupo Former Bayern Munich defender Jan Kirchoff described the Bavarian side’s new signing Eric Choupo-Moting as an “absolutely exceptional player” and says the move is perfect for both, Bayern Munich signed striker Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Fans may say that Bayern does not need more strikers but yet, they signed another one. Carole laughed lightly, " Marco isn't the jealous type, at least not anymore, besides I have my man...well two man now, and they are both incredibly amazing. Dortmund has set a deadline of August 10 for the completion of any deal.

(Warschau, 21 augustus 1988) is een …

#marcoreus Carole raised one eyebrow, " Just friends? The reality was that her and Robert hadn't decide what their relationship was, yes, they had sex quite some times...but apart from that they didn't do coupley things like Carole and Marco did. They have since moved on from Dortmund, of course, but Reinier is thrilled to be able to wear a black and yellow jersey with Reus. #marriege

He must be really happy..." she mumbled. " Striker said that the team is going to, Jadon Sancho could have secured a departure to Manchester United if certain conditions were met, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side has been chasing the 20-year-old’s signing all summer, with Sancho their No.1 goal as they look to add to their squad before the transfer window closes on October 5. "Well, Marco said Robert was waiting for you in the car, when he called," Carole commented. #bvb The English Premier League clubs have “unanimously agreed” that the proposed “Project Big Picture” will not be “endorsed or pursued”. Nothing is happening between him and me. On the very last day of the transfer window, Bayern signed Choupo-Moting. Reus and Lewandowski Best friends for ever 2015 HD - YouTube

#soccer. ... Robert Lewadowski and Marco Reus are the Romeo and Juliet of world football. “BVB were already interested when I was still in Brazil,” he added. "Don't let your husband listen to that," she replied, avoiding the remark. Click here To Stay Updated With The Latest Football News and Update, Arsene Wenger says that Barcelona and Real Madrid’s “weak” condition has made Bayern Munich the best European team, The Allianz Arena side dominated the Champions League Final 8 during August. "Enough about me, I want to know how everything is going in Munich. "I don't mind waiting, let him sleep. Chelsea could see that she was very happy with her life and with being a mom.

The deadline has passed for Manchester City to, Dani Olmo – Leipzig will achieve bigger things this season, Leipzig reached the semi-final of the Champions League last season. Real Madrid and Barca’s weak condition made Bayern the best team Arsene, Jan Kirchoff described Bayern’s new signing Eric Choupo-Moting as an “absolutely exceptional player”, Kirchoff, who now works on his trade with Uerdingen 05 in the 3.Liga, was team-mates with the former PSG star at both Mainz and Schalke. Nowadays as the Internet is becoming more and more a crucial part in the daily routine, then football news, as a result, have been more easily accessible than ever before. They have since moved on from Dortmund, of course, but Reinier is thrilled to be able to wear a black and yellow jersey with Reus. #romance

“It made me very happy at the time because BVB is very much appreciated by many in Brazil. Read The Reus advise from the story The elevator encounter (Robert Lewandowski FF) by acoresmcm with 964 reads.

COPYRIGHT © 2013-2020 BUAKSIB.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "Yes, who would have thought," Chelsea said, incapable of not laughing, " I remember you once talking to him on the phone, god...you were hilarious," Marco and Carole always argued, she remembered talking once with Jürgen Klopp before he moved to Liverpool about that, he said that when Carole came to training, it was impossible for them not to fight like a cat and dog. Courtois is sure that Eden Hazard will prove that he’s the best Thibaut Courtois supported Eden Hazard to eventually explode for Real Madrid after his. He is taking everything very well, he loves Lucas and his amazing with him.

I don't want to wake Marco, he got home so tired," Carole informed her, with the biggest smile. With Reus or Aubameyang and Lewandowski, it was always influential. She had to see little Reus for the first time, and be with her friend Carole. ", "Yes, I know," she paused to drink some tea, " but nothing is happening between me and Robert.". Couple of minutes after, she was in her house and they were having tea in the living room, they had a lot of catching up to do.

lewandowski, german, marriege. The room was very big, and around all room was picture of Carole and Marco, some from when they were kids, others from their wedding...and others with the newly member, " Where is Marco? That is something special for me”. He is sleeping with Lucas, that's why you can't see Lucas now. Borussia Dortmund youngster Reinier says that being able to play alongside Marco Reus is “very special,” having grown up watching Germany international in action for the Bundesliga side on TV. According to Andy Mitten, the Norwegian, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under pressure to deliver trophies at Manchester United after making multiple key signings. It was a very important achievement for Leipzig as a new team.

Robert Lewandowski has had a makeover and now he looks more like Marco Reus than Marco Reus.


"No, his match was a couple of hours ago. She wanted to see the baby, he looked so cute in the photo with Marco, and Chelsea thought that he should be way cuter in real life. The elevator encounter (Robert Lewandowski FF). “I was impressed with their quick play, how they switched to play. A football addict could get to the variety of recent information way so fast without depending on newspaper or other printing mediums which are not instantly informative enough anymore.

God...sometimes I don't believe I'm married to him and that he gave me the most precious thing in our life, not so long ago we were arguing like we always did," Carole rambled. After easing their last-16 second leg game against Chelsea, they recorded resounding victories over Barcelona and Lyon before edging Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 in the final thanks to a Kingsley Coman header. She arrived at Dortmund in the afternoon, the city was beautiful not as beautiful as Munich, but still quite a lovely city. #dortmund

His just a nice guy.". It didn’t work out then, so I joined Real Madrid. Chelsea decided to go to Dortmund for the weekend, Bayern was playing away in Berlin, and Robert would be out all weekend, so Chelsea booked a trip to Dortmund. Dani Olmo believes in team’s dreams Dani Olmo was a newcomer in the 2019/2020 season for Leipzig. "Than hate turned into love," she said, " the best thing in life, seriously.". “When I was younger, I watched a lot of Borussia’s games in Brazil,” he told reporters. Does he got a match or some sort of training today?".

The midfielder also revealed that Dortmund were among those who were keen on signing him from Flamengo earlier this year.

Team won an important match in Bundesliga and now they are on top of the League table. That’s why I’m especially happy that I’m still on the road with Reus.

I heard things, so don't mind if I ask so straight forward...what's up with you and Lewandowski," Carole asked curious.

Chelsea Watson is a marketing manager in British top companies of Sport Career Managements, all her life she knew football players and clubs directors, but nothing prepared her for what happen in that cold day in December.

"When can I see Lucas," Chelsea asked excited. According to Flick, the team is in perfect shape and they, Leipzig destroyed Schalke and netted four beautiful goals, Saturday was very successful for Leipzig.

Reinier made his debut for the Dortmund team on September 15, coming on as a substitute in the German Cup match at Duisburg. ", "Ok, I'll wait," Chelsea, said, looking around the Reus living room. So he hopes to repay the faith in him now that he belatedly made a move to Westfalenstadion. But when they asked about me again, I didn’t have to think twice. “BVB is a great opportunity for me; it’s a big project and the right choice”.

#love I put Lucas to sleep, just before you got here. Carole smiled, " When he wake's up. Chelsea blushed, putting a strand of hair behind her ear, " Its nothing, we are just friends," that sometimes have sex, she thought.

Chelsea immediately took a cab and went to Carole's house. With sport websites and online news provided these days, any readers will have all up-to-date info as much as they like by only clicking. The teenager has been unable to make his way to Real Madrid’s senior squad since his winter transfer despite having scored twice in three outings for Castilla’s reserve team, so he hopes his move to Germany will give him some valuable first-team experience. Reinier says he tuned in regularly for games in Dortmund while growing up in Brazil, with Reus starring alongside the likes Aubameyang and Lewandowski.

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