Aqua. Stepsister From the Planet Weird (2000)This movie ranks as high as it does for having the wildest sci-fi graphics I have ever seen in any movie, Disney Channel Original or otherwise, before or since.

Now, Zenon is competing to win the title of Galactic Teen Supreme, until she has to save Earth from a moon goddess! Kim Possible (2019)Like lesser animated classics Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, the thing about the Kim Possible series is that it’s a perfect art object as is, and is in no way served by a live-action adaptation. It’s very, very greasy and the word “crispy” gets thrown around and I couldn’t finish this movie because I didn’t want to look at it. 1 Entertainment Cable Telecast of the Week in Total Viewers", "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension" Averages 7.6 Million Total Viewers", "Friday Cable Ratings: Discovery's 'Gold Rush', UNC/MSU BBall Top Cable + 'Friday Night Smackdown,' 'Sanctuary,' 'Flying Wild Alaska' & More", "Disney Channel Original Movie "Frenemies" Buddies Up With 4.2 Million Total Viewers", "Disney Channel Original Movie "Radio Rebel" Rocks With 4.3 Million Total Viewers", "Disney Channel's 'Let It Shine' Divines 5.7 Million Viewers, Becomes #1 TV Movie of the Year with Kids and Tweens", "5.7 million people watched #LetItShine last night. 77. 15. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, iconic animated films -- one studio makes you feel like that wish on a star came true. Cloud 9 (2014)This Dove Cameron movie about competitive snowboarders falling in love at a lodge feels like some sort of missing link between DCOMs and more mature, mellow Hallmark romance movies. The decision to make this puberty parable about a merman instead of a dime-a-dozen mermaid is what tips The Thirteenth Year over into iconic. Zombies (2018)Zombies live on the rough side of town. There is nothing wrong with remaking a classic for a new generation. Während die Filme des Senders von 1983 bis Mitte 1997 noch als Disney Channel Premiere Films bekannt waren, änderte sich das ab Mitte 1997 zur noch heute gültigen Bezeichnung. She ends up befriending and giving a makeover to a mini–Mark Cohen high school documentarian and film geek who wants to shoot a doc “about the revolution of robot voices in the science-fiction genre,” but ends up making a home movie about how even girls can be deep when they’re not busy being so shallow. Also, Centineo’s name is “Jaden Stark.”. 105. It’s not a perfect DCOM by a long shot, but kudos for ambition. Sex and the City Bat Mitzvah–girl era Kat Dennings stars alongside Eric Idle, Tommy Davidson, and Kathy Najimy, who are ghosts. Zapped (2014)Zendaya’s phone can control boys! The music is great, and how could anyone not love the Jonas Brothers? ), and the show’s new weekly format? mayor(??). Loretta’s post-human perfection includes doing impossible backflips and choreo onstage. It tells the story of a girl and her best friend who gets transported into their favorite movie. Love and musical numbers!

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