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He offered his skills and expertise to the Americans and Soviets, but was rejected. Promotional shot of Joseph Wiseman as Dr. No. He was found by the rest of his gang and tortured, but he wouldn't give in and never told them where the gold was. When Bond is sent to investigate the murder of two British agents and any possible connection with recent rocket disasters, No orders several attempts on 007's life. After the assault falters, Onatopp retreats to Dr. No's military staging area at the Hoover Dam, where she organizes a defence of the structure. He also changed his name to Julius No, the Julius after his father, and the No signifying his rejection of his father, because he had abandoned him. Age However, Bond manages to survive and kill his would-be assassins. A crane was controlling a pipe with a continuous flow of the dried bird dung. Joseph Wiseman,Carlos Alazraqui (voice, video game) [1] Dining with his helpless prisoners, No recounts his life story and explains his scheme to electronically sabotage the U.S. Project Mercury spaceflight program on behalf of SPECTRE. A resourceful British government agent seeks answers in a case involving the disappearance of a colleague and the disruption of the American space program. Dr. Julius No is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the 1958 James Bond novel and its 1962 film adaptation Dr. No, the first of the series, in which he was portrayed by actor Joseph Wiseman.[1]. Bond ended up being captured by Dr. No, who told him about his life and revealed his latest plans for power. His expertise came at a great cost however, as he lost both of his hands in an accident. Dr. No (film) Fellow British spy, James Bond, is subsequently sent to Jamaica by his superior M to investigate their murders.
His first name Julius is never mentioned in the film. 007 Legends. No captures Bond and Honey Rider when they trespass on his island, and they are put through a decontamination shower since No's henchmen detected radiation on them. Three years prior to the game's events, the protagonist, MI6 operative Hunter[4], was severely wounded while on assignment investigating Dr. No; who personally fired the shot that cost him his right eye. The novel explains that Dr. No was born in Peking to a German Methodist missionary and a Chinese girl, but was raised by his aunt. They knew they couldn't break him so they cut his hands of to disgrace him and shot him in the heart. The villain was based on the literary character who first appeared in the 1958 Ian Fleming novel Dr. No and was portrayed by the late Canadian actor Joseph Wiseman in the 1962 film of the same name. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Dr. No was however one of the rare people who had Dextrocardia, where his heart was on the right side of his body. Julius No also appeared in the video game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (almost-completely unrelated, especially in the meaning of the title, to the 1995 film) voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Chinese/ German Relatives Dr. Julius No appeared in Dr. No (1962). Dr. No had previously attempted to have Bond killed at least three times and when he came to the island Dr. No let him live, hoping that he may join SPECTRE. He is a self-described "unwanted child of a German missionary and a Chinese girl of a good family". The 2004 video-game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent explores an continuity separate from any established canon, in which Dr. No has not met his demise at the hands of 007, and commands an army of soldiers, tanks and helicopter gunships. Dr. No, using the likeness of Joseph Wiseman, has also made appearances in several James Bond video games as a playable multiplayer character, starting with the 2005 game From Russia with Love. He could sell these things for millions of dollars. [5] After being dismissed from MI6 for "reckless brutality", the agent is recruited by Dr. No's rival, Auric Goldfinger. Searching for the location of Dr. No's island of Crab Key, GoldenEye is dispatched to the organization's underwater auction house, bank and blackmarket, The Octopus in a bid to retrieve the navigation coordinates from the lair's computer system. While everyone evacuated the building, Dr. No ran after Bond and they fought, falling into a lift above the radioactive water pool.

SPECTRE learned of the death of Dr. No and they vowed revenge on James Bond, which lead to the events in From Russia with Love. Later in the book, it is revealed that Bond's mission to stop Dr. No was a fraud, an alibi for Bond to kill a British leader for the Americans — "There was No Doctor.".

But the Tongs tracked him down and tortured him to find the location of the gold.

While dining with him, Bond learns that Dr. wherein he posits that No's mother was an agent of Fu Manchu named Madame de Medici, who was in turn the daughter of Fu Xi, from Sax Rohmer's novel The Golden Scorpion. He was born in Peking (now Beijing), China to a German father and a Chinese mother. Dr. Julius No is a brilliant scientist with an implied Napoleon complex. No spent a long time in hospital, then enrolled in medical school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bond escapes through a ventilation shaft (and avoiding the obstacles of heat and flooding), and disguises himself with a radiation suit. Nationality First seen

No one who comes to the island is allowed to leave. The workers are brutally supervised by Jamaican "Chigroes" (a portmanteau of 'Chinese' + 'Negroes', referring to their mixed ancestry), however they are paid good wages and given decent accommodations. He later "became treasurer of the most powerful criminal society in China", in this case, the Tongs. [6] Oddly enough, the character model sports only one cybernetic hand (likely a reference to Dr. Strangelove). Directed by Terence Young. Dr. No learns from his associate, local geologist Professor R.J. Dent, that British Secret Service agent John Strangways has been investigating his activities on Crab Key; obtaining suspiciously radioactive rock samples from the island. He tied Honey to some rocks, where hundreds of vicious crabs would slowly eat away at her. [2] He later "became treasurer of the most powerful criminal society in China", in this case, the Tongs. Dr. No made several appearances in the cartoon series James Bond Jr.. His skin, however, was rendered bright green similar to the Mandarin in Iron Man possibly due to the chemicals he was exposed to in the film. Role Julius No Although he is the main antagonist, No only makes a personal appearance in the climax. No - a Chinese-German criminal scientist who has prosthetic metal hands due to radiation exposure. Breaking rank with their shared criminal organisation (strongly implied to be SPECTRE), Dr. No declares war on Goldfinger.

He is electrocuted by his own reactor in a fight with the rogue 00 agent "GoldenEye". He is a self-described "unwanted child of a German missionary and a Chinese girl of a good family". His expertise came at a great cost however, as he lost both of his hands in an accident. In the game, Xenia Onatopp works for No and he seems to possess a considerable army of well-equipped henchmen as well as numerous tanks and helicopter gunships that resemble V-22 Ospreys.

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