We recommend at least adding the sender address previously entered in the above field. 7. Navigate to the “Setup” tab at the top right-hand side of the page. Click the account avatar/icon picture located in the upper right of the window.2.) Email Setup will be dependent on your specific email provider. You will need to access your camera through the Web User Interface. 1.

If you were to not receive these emails the camera has lost connection with the network it’s connected to. Gmail has the SMTP server "smtp.gmail.com" (without quotes) and will use port 465 with SSL encryption and port 587 with TLS encryption. You must have added at least one email in this field to receive notification. 14.

Amcrest View Pro Setup (WiFi Configuration Setup) Add your camera to other smart phones or tablets by using the P2P setup method if you’ve initially set up the camera on the internet. On this screen, ensure “Send Email” is checked along with “Snapshot” and click Save. Navigate to “Event” on the left side, then select “Video Detection”. Under “Path”, change the record setting to “NAS”. Other email SMTP server Information provided below:During the email setup you will need to enter the SMTP server information that corresponds to the email service that you use. (Ensure attachment is checked so that you get snapshots in your email.). You will need to access your camera through the Web User Interface. Once it is in NAS on both snapshot & record you will be all set under this section. Username: *This should be your gmail email address, Password: *This should be your gmail password, Sender: *This should be your gmail email address as shown above, Subject: Enter your subject line here. Download Amcrest View on your mobile device: Note: If your email service provider is not included in this list, you can simply Google the following and find the information you need: "*email provider* + SMTP + setup". Note: You can also setup email alerts using the Amcrest View Pro app on your mobile device. 8. You will then put input the information needed to run the camera on the software & click “Test Connection” when all the information is put in. Connect your camera via an Ethernet cord or WiFi and proceed to log into the Amcrest Web UI with your credentials as usual. With this selected you must now go back to the tab that we setup the Amcrest camera alerts in. Check the "Enable" box, input the IP address of your NAS setup in the "Server Address" field, and input the file path as seen in the NAS on the "Remote Directory" field. Navigate to the “Setup” … Now click the blue button that says "My Account", Once on the account setting page please click "Sign-in and Security". You Please check out this chart below to see a list of the most popular email service providers, the encryption protocols that they use, as well as the ports that correspond to those encryption methods. Click "Save". If the email test is successful, you will then just need to enable email notifications to be sent upon motion detection. Microsoft Live & Hotmail have the SMTP server "smtp.live.com" (without quotes) and will use port 25 with TLS encryption, port 465 with SSL encryption, and 587 with TLS encryption. https://www.arclab.com/en/kb/email/list-of-smtp-and-pop3-servers-mailserver-list.html, For further assistance you may submit a ticket via the button below the comments on this page or you may contact us at: 888-212-7538, https://www.arclab.com/en/kb/email/list-of-smtp-and-pop3-servers-mailserver-list.html, MicroSD Card is Being Read Twice in the Web UI, How To Setup a Local FTP Server For Your Cameras In Windows 10, How To Access Your Camera Locally Without Internet, How to Live Stream to YouTube, Facebook Using an Amcrest IP Camera, How To Disable Anonymous Login Credentials.
Connect your camera via an Ethernet cord or WiFi and proceed to log into the Amcrest Web UI with your credentials as usual. 12. Here Amcrest Tech Support provide all the tools, information, and resources you’ll need to get your Amcrest security system up and running quickly and easily. Note: You can also setup email alerts using the Amcrest View Pro app on your mobile device. Next, log into your Synology NAS using its IP address. With its quick mobile setup process, you will have secure access to your camera's video stream in no time. Tap “Email Alerts” to open the Email Alerts settings menu. (Longer intervals will make it so that you do not get spammed emails constantly. For more information on how to setup email alerts in Amcrest View Pro, click here. Step 6 Tap “Configuration Center” to open the Configuration Center.

Once logged into the web UI, navigate to the Setup button in the upper right and then selected "Network" from the newly shown list of options to the left. Once you are logged into the Surveillance Station, navigate to “IP Camera”.

For more information on how to setup email alerts in Amcrest View Pro, click here. Select your email provider from the list provided. Setup Amcrest Camera Email Alert From the home screen, tap the icon in the top left corner to open the Main Menu. Click on “Add” to add your camera to the software. 10. Once the camera is added, you will then be able to go to “Recording” and access all the recordings of the camera. For this next step please navigate to Gmail.com and login with your sender account information. Instructions to connect your Amcrest cameras to record onto your Synology NAS Drive using the Synology Surveillance Software. )Keep Alive: This is a periodic email update from the camera set at different intervals defaulted at 60 seconds. Give the camera a name, enter the S/N (found on the bottom of your camera), then enter the login details for the camera.
Interval: This interval value determines the time in between emails you will receive for motion detection alerts. First connect your mobile device to your WiFi and download the app Amcrest View from the App Store or Play Store. Once logged into Gmail you will need to navagate to account setting by following these steps.1.) After installing “Surveillance Station”, you will be able to search for it at the top right-hand side of the page. 2. 6. After it succeeds, click “Finished” at the bottom right. Surveillance Station is a web-based application that manages IP cameras to safeguard your home or office environment. (If you are receiving too many emails this is likely the cause, as Keep Alive should be unchecked if you do not wish to receive health updates from the camera every 1-3600 seconds.). This email alert will generate an update from the camera notifying you it’s still connected. Select “Quick Setup” to add your IP camera then hit “Next”. This will automatically generate the SMTP server address, authentication, and Port number for your email server.

If your email information is not listed above, please use this link for a list of more common SMTP email settings. 13. 5. Please note that with Gmail you will need to allow less secure apps to connect in the Gmail account options. 2. Amcrest 1080P POE (Power Over Ethernet) Video Monitoring Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt, Two-Way Audio, Plug & Play Setup, Optional Cloud Recording, Full HD 1080P (1920TVL) @ 30FPS, Wide 90° Viewing Angle and Night Vision IP2M-841EW (White) In Stock 4. Note: The default username and password for the camera is admin. 15. On this window we may now test our email setting by clicking the "Email Test" button as shown below.

For more information on how to access your camera on a computer through the web UI, click here. In this example we will be using Gmail.

To add your camera, click the “Add Device” button. Listed below are a few of the common providers. The desktop setup is a pretty straightforward procedure: Connect your camera to a power supply with its power adapter (included) Now connect your security camera to …

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