"His fight life was . According to Mrs. Leonard's divorce petition of March 1990, her husband "assaulted [her] on a number of occasions, causing her bodily injury and has harassed and humiliated her in the presence of her family, friends and others.
We had some fun times with the McArthur Band & the Freeway Forest Civic club. Juanita Wilkinson has been in a relationship with Peabo Bryson (1990). ", In fact, she says, "If it was just the two of us, the marriage definitely would have survived. I remember you being there for me as a kid and making my childhood better for it. Juanita Wilkinson 76, passed away June 30, 2012.

The couple has been separated for more than two years now, and the final divorce decree is expected at the beginning of next year. We lived for other people.".
"I look at it as a tool for other women in my position to learn from.". All our love, Linda & Bob Beall. "That's what it is -- an image. I am sorry to hear of this tragic loss and it has been a while since I have spoken to you and Sheila. At a press conference outside the Montgomery County courthouse earlier this month, where the two parties negotiated their settlement privately rather than proceed with a scheduled hearing, they held hands and kissed before parting ways. What great memories I have and will always cherish.

Comments on book; Plans to close Northern Virginia clothing boutique to concentrate on writing book. Sugar Ray Leonard's Marriage Life With Bernadette Robi . People would never imagine the things I had to put up with. Certainly will miss her, as she(Juanita)was the same age as my mother, Lois. Funeral Home Services for Juanita are being provided by Brookside Funeral Home. Let's take a close look at his current marriage life and find out why he divorced his first wife, Juanita.

She is now reunited with William and James Darrell - and we will all be reunited one day in the near future. I remember when you randomly took me on a shopping spree and bought me some new clothes and toys. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all and I am so sorry I cannot be with you. . . I will miss talking with you. Ironically for a wife who preferred that her husband stay out of the ring, the most difficult times, she says, were Sugar Ray Leonard's retirement periods. "The fame made him cocky," she says. She ALWAYS brought a lot of joy to my heart, as well as you and Sheila, when I was just a young child/kid growing up around where you both used to work in the early eighties. She was so warm and loving and we shared so many laughs. He just wasn't satisfied with himself and his life not fighting. . I remember you picking me up from middle school nearly every day.

"That's what made Ray rich and famous. Mr Bill and to your daughter, Sheila,...it is with my deepest and greatest sympathy that I will miss your loving wife/mother. Visitation will be Tue., July 3rd from 1pm until the start of the funeral service at 3pm. Most of the hurt has long since passed, she says. Dear Uncle Bill and Sheila,Sending my love, hugs and prayers to you. Relationships. 79 Issue 6, p36 Juanita Wilkinson at Melbourne, Australia 124 connections. Somewhere in the shuffle he put his relationships on the back burner.". . . Although there is obvious disdain when she speaks about their marriage -- "my biggest regret is that I didn't take a stronger hold of my life personally as opposed to lending my life to a situation," she says -- there is still fondness there for Sugar Ray. A lot of tension and pressure was taken out on me. Thank you for all you have done for my sister and the two boys. through the years you always found time to call and "check in" because of you our families stayed in touch, you were always there to offer advice and words of encouragement, our talks, your laugh and a friendship that span 38 years....I will cherish forever!I love you, Bill and Sheila, my prayers are with you all!Terrie. Sweet memories I have of you. Juanita I always loved your jellies - they were the best. Here is what was reported: “It’s still overwhelming that you know…I can’t believe it still bothers me to this day.

You were a good grandma! It was Mr. Leonard who paved the way for this agreement, according to Ronald Jessamy, one of Mrs. Leonard's lawyers: "He didn't want her to walk away with nothing," Mr. Jessamy says.

I love you both. Six years later, after several break-ups and reconciliations, after he'd become famous and wealthy as a boxer and she'd dropped out of school to support her son, he asked her, on the eve of his first championship fight, to marry him. "Being separated is something different," she muses.

His career and his travels became more of a priority to him than his family. Ensign Laboratories. Report this profile; About. Trisha Beezley. The public has always been charmed by the five-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist, by the wholesome and handsome and miraculously unscarred face, by the world-class smile and accompanying wink, by the inspiring rags-to-riches story. But today, 19 years after falling for the shy, bony little kid with the Afro, Juanita Wilkinson Leonard, 33, sees it all differently. RMIT University.

Thinking of you in this time of your sorrow. Washington They were in love, madly in love, when they met -- two teen-agers from a lower middle class suburb in Prince Georges County.

We made a lot of good memories over the years.Billy my heart goes out to you and Caroline. Mr. Leonard, preparing for training camp for a fight this February, declined a written request for an interview through his agent and attorney Mike Trainer.

the stuff of dreams, of fantasies little girls fall asleep with," a newspaper columnist wrote after their huge church wedding in 1980. Also part of the settlement was their mutual agreement not to discuss the details of their troubled marriage, specifically her charges of assault and adultery that recently became public when the court file of their divorce proceedings was unsealed.

", Asked about those allegations, which Mr. Leonard has denied, she will only say, "I didn't file anything that was false.". "They were the worst times of my life," she says. The love for boxing was far beyond what anybody can imagine. From day one, she says, she hasn't gotten along with Mr. Leonard's mother, to whom she hasn't spoken in four years even though the two women live around the corner from each other in Bowie. He went through terrible periods when he retired. And it's a lot farther from the [public] image than people think. . Of the charges of adultery, she says that the instances of infidelity referred to in her petition occurred before their separation.

Sending love to you and we will be... Dear Billy.The slideshow was wonderful!

The public saw it as a storybook romance: ". Juanita Wilkinson passed away on June 30, 2012 in Houston, Texas.

The headlines could say, 'Sugar Ray Leonard marries his childhood sweetheart.' his Dad, Sugar Ray Leonard, beat his Mother, Juanita Wilkinson, until her ‘head was bloody.’ He says he often has feelings of guilt still to this day for not doing more to try to stop his Dad’s abuse at that time. That's why he's still doing it.". Indeed, she knows there are others in her position.

It makes him look like a nice, clean guy. The settlement will allow the mother of Ray Jr., 17, and Jerrel, 6, to continue the comfortable lifestyle she's come to know. Leonard's wife cites abuse and adultery in divorce petition. that was his life. ", She's planning to write a book about her life as Mrs. Sugar Ray Leonard -- but not to "bash" her estranged husband, she says. Juanita Wilkinson was previously married to Otis Nixon and Sugar Ray Leonard (1980 - 1990). "Not in half," she says, but in a way that preempts a pre-nuptial agreement she had signed in 1979, which would have provided her with little. Get email updates about Juanita Wilkinson delivered directly to your inbox. "After the first couple championship fights, that did it.

According to our records, Juanita Wilkinson is possibly single. Thinking of the Wilkinson Family. [People would say,] 'He did the right thing, he married her.' "We're not in love with each other," she says. I would be described as focused, in all tasks I am assigned. Aunt Juanita will always have a special place in our hearts and memories...She was always there for us, especially during the difficult times when Mary and I were growing up. By age 16, she was pregnant with a child no one wanted them to have. I miss her already and way too much. Reports on plans of Juanita Wilkinson Leonard, ex-wife of former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, to write a book about her life as his wife.

Apart from the previous unsuccessful married relationship with Juanita Wilkinson, the former boxer is enjoying marital bliss with his second wife along with their children.

"But there's still a bond.

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