Again and again, we were super-impressed with the range and the clarity of sounds. There were tears. As expected by now, the Triple Driver had a richer sound, and the bass was more pronounced, while the Quad Driver had a very similar sound that was a bit more airy on the top end.

You can’t just try out a product and say it’s great. In any case, it was only a brief listening, so just take my words with a grain of salt. With excellent sound quality and my favorite control pod, the Quad Driver is a worthwhile investment—but 1More’s Triple Driver IEH deliver even more bang for the buck. When we found out we were going to get our hands on some high-quality earphones for reviews; we were ecstatic! Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. So you have to hand it to 1MORE for thinking of their range of customers. The Dual Driver sounded just a tad lean with laid-back bass, and the piano and cymbals were ever-so-slightly harsh, but the trombone sounded quite natural.

Read our. On a technical note, the RevoNext QT5 is a dual-driver model with a dynamic driver for the low and mid range and a balanced armature for the highs, just like the Dual Driver.

TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. The sound of the Stylish was slightly veiled overall, the bass and drums were a bit restrained, but the cymbals were not harsh at all. The 1MORE team’s Grammy Award-winning sound engineer tweaked the final balance of the sound output.

To connect to your source devices, these use the good ‘ol 3.5mm connector.

The Triple Driver sounded richer, smoother, and more present, and the Quad Driver sounded much the same. The wire here is wrapped in a durable Kevlar from top to bottom, instead of the woven fabric covering found on the bottom half of the previous model. A lot of earphone mics pick up cable movement, but we didn’t hear any of that.

Only slightly better sounding than Triple-Driver in-ears.

Suffice it to say; we were in no way disappointed…. I heard much the same sound on the Quad Driver with very airy cymbals, though the bass might have been a bit overblown.

Did anything else improve? These days, everyone is watching videos on their phones and tablets, usually at the same time. So when the Quad-Driver In-Ear Earphones dropped, we just had to hear what 1 more driver could do. Spend some time trying the tips that come with any IEH to find the best ones for you. You also get two classy gold plug adapters…. So when the Quad-Driver In-Ear Earphones dropped, we just had to hear what 1 more driver could do. 1MORE is no exception.

The Dual Driver comes with a soft-pouch carrying case with a spring-loaded mouth that’s difficult to open, while the Triple and Quad Drivers come with a hard-sided carrying case with a magnetic clasp. Of course, this was bound to come up. The Triple Driver was a bit louder and richer, and the bass was slightly more pronounced, while the Quad Driver was even richer with more bass, and I could hear deeper into the mix.

Uh, what does that mean?

The Dual Driver sounded very good with full guitars and natural vocals, thought Jaco Pastorious’ fretless bass was a bit restrained. And let’s face it, we’re not always kind to our earphones, stuffing them in bags and pockets and getting them snagged on just about everything.

As I mentioned earlier, 1More’s 14.5mm silicone eartips—the largest that come with the Triple and Quad Driver models—work very well for me, so that’s what I used on those IEHs. The Triple Driver offers superb sound quality—in fact, I've never heard better from any in-ear headphone—for much less than $100! 1MORE Quad-Driver In-Ear Earphones are simply the top in current earphone technology. The Quad Driver has excellent sound quality, very similar to the Triple Driver.

Here’s what we found in brutal, graphic detail…. You’ll get basically the same functionality across devices with only one exception, which is that on Android you won’t be able to return to a previous track. For a purely orchestral track, I listened to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene 2: No.28 “Romeo with Friar Laurence,” performed by the London Symphony Orchestra under Andre Previn. One of the genres that is nearest and dearest to my heart is jazz, so I listened to “My Funny Valentine” as performed by trombonist Steve Turre with piano, acoustic bass, and drums on his album Keep Searchin’.

The design of the Quad-Drivers is really very effective for keeping your noise to yourself. In addition, I wrote about the 1More Triple Driver wired IEH that is given to VIP attendees at Aerosmith’s Las Vegas residency in my coverage of that event for TechHive. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you.

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